Comments - BRZ Buried in the Snow

Published: Feb 11, 2013
Description: The huge and deadly winter blizzard that struck New England last weekend has caused plenty of damage already. Some people were stranded on freeways, unable to get their vehicles through the heavy snow...
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Ryan Sansossio Feb 12, 2013
Deadly? One guy crashed his car, another kid died from the fumes of the tail pipe being clogged by snow. This storm actually didnt kill anyone, idiots in cars did.
Description: A rear-drive sportscar isn't exactly the ideal vehicle for the winter, with its low ground clearance and tail-happy bias. But this owner seems determined to get his out of the snow under which it...
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Kevin Yao Aug 01, 2013
It's a Subaru. They should a awd version
Lou Guerrero Feb 12, 2013
Yeah, I rode my bike to school in shorts and a t shirt. I actually like cold weather but that could get annoying
Earick Smith Feb 12, 2013
Get a truck!!!
Sam Hansen Feb 12, 2013
It's amazing how much I don't care...
Ryan Sansossio Feb 12, 2013
Woooooow. This is news worthy? Want vid of my lincoln climbing out of the snow too?
Bill Estep Jr Feb 12, 2013
U gotta Rock it back n forth lmao
Tracy Keiser Dron Feb 11, 2013
stupid video.... very!!!! what's the point of all this????
Josh Vanderdoelen Feb 11, 2013
If he were canadian that shoveling would have taken a third of the time he took
Rob Mcmurray Feb 11, 2013
Mean while the guy who drove the wrx got to work 3 hours ago
Ashton Summers Feb 11, 2013
It's nice in warm in California. Had to use the A/C today. I'm such an ass.
Alex Bouckley Feb 11, 2013
Or at least cheap dream car
Alex Bouckley Feb 11, 2013
This is my dream car
Jordan Smith Feb 11, 2013
Meanwhile in Florida...
Michael J Solimene Feb 11, 2013
Winter tires?
Zeus Mocha Feb 11, 2013
This was pretty funny
David Guerrero Feb 11, 2013
Wrong Subaru, if you had a WRX STi, you'll be alright
Tracy Keiser Dron Feb 11, 2013
Russian plates