Posted on: Feb 11, 2013
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BRZ Buried in the Snow

Most Subarus would be perfect for weathering a snow storm. Not so much the BRZ, though.
The huge and deadly winter blizzard that struck New England last weekend has caused plenty of damage already. Some people were stranded on freeways, unable to get their vehicles through the heavy snow. It's a nasty situation overall but in times like this, owning a vehicle with all-wheel drive has its definite advantages. Just ask any Subaru owner. Unless, that is, he owns a BRZ - the only vehicle the company makes without the automaker's signature benefit of all-wheel drive.
A rear-drive sportscar isn't exactly the ideal vehicle for the winter, with its low ground clearance and tail-happy bias. But this owner seems determined to get his out of the snow under which it was buried and get it out onto the icy roads. Check out the time-lapse footage below to watch the ordeal unfold. (We recommend playing some eclectic horn music while you do.)

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by Jay Traugott
BRZ Buried in the Snow
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