Comments - Audi TT Gets the Amplified Black Look

Published: Feb 11, 2013
Description: Order up an Audi TT (in the UK at least) and you can specify the Black Edition, which as you might have guessed, applies some extra black trim to differentiate your TT coupe or roadster from the one y...
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Stephen Cobbs Feb 12, 2013
That would actually be a good article...What do the editors of Carbuzz drive?
Ashton Summers Feb 11, 2013
Jack, a head up a pussy was not something I wanted to picture. Thanks for ruining my dinner appetite.
Jordan Smith Feb 11, 2013
What's with the hate on Carbuzz? They made a joke. Chill out.
Kyle McCullough Feb 11, 2013
Hahaha Pablo's got it right
Taylor Garry Feb 11, 2013
Very true vv
Pablo Herasme Feb 11, 2013
A fleet of BMW's
Nick Benz Feb 11, 2013
I do wonder what the guys at carbuzz drive.
Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
Quit making fun of the TT, CarBuzz! It looks great, has a never-ending source of grip from its FANTASTIC Audi AWD, and (with the TT RS at least) goes like stink. Not to mention it's good value for money and practical as well. So leave it alone, CB, I'd like to see you beat it round a track in the crap you guys probly drive.
Taylor Garry Feb 11, 2013
David Lee Feb 11, 2013
Tyler Wallace Feb 11, 2013
Yea but not all Audi's have rs lines
Mati Araujo Feb 11, 2013
Wouldn't the top-of-the-line model be the RS???
Jacob Burford Feb 12, 2013
The TT RS is amazingly fast considering the price tag! This looks pretty cool too!
Jordan Smith Feb 11, 2013
I agree, the TTRS is pretty awesome and I really like it, but I wouldn't go and say someone's opinion is wrong simply because they don't like it or for whatever reason. Everyone has their opinion.
Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
Truth be told I really hate Audi most of the time, not a fanboy by any means, but the TT RS is incredible. You just can't argue with that.
James Salaba Feb 11, 2013
If the tt was rear wheel drive then it would be more fun! Audi is nicer looking then BMW but front wheel drives kill it for me!
Zachary Maurer Feb 11, 2013
Jack must work for carbuzz...bmws...
Jordan Smith Feb 11, 2013
Jake is fanboying hard over Audi right now.
Jordan Nishida Feb 11, 2013
Never liked the Audi TT. Rather have a bimmer
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 11, 2013
BMW fan boys is going to come at you(jack). Get ready.
Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
@Jack, you've clearly never driven a TT RS, cause you're talking rubbish. The AWD system on the RS is fricken AMAZING. Not to mention it's cheaper and quicker (if I remember correctly) than an M3. Don't even start with understeer again, it's just not the case.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 11, 2013
David, I agree with you, but I do think the new M5 is a great looking thing
David Lee Feb 11, 2013
Please. Bimmers are hopelessly ugly compared to Audis. The only good looking BMW left is the 6.
Pablo Herasme Feb 11, 2013
It looks badass
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 11, 2013
Not bad
Justin McLeod Feb 11, 2013
I would still rather have a TT-RS over this and an RS5 overall. Not bad though, def takes some of the femininity out of it. Dunno how I feel about the new lower front bumper. But I'll always be a fan of that inline 5 this thing has :)
Bala Uncc Feb 11, 2013
This car needs major redesign, it's getting old
Zachary Sindelar Feb 11, 2013
I like it!
Description: The interior is decked out in black leather and Alcantara, with a Bose sound system and smartphone connectivity. Opt for the Amplified Black package, however, and you get a front lip spoiler, mirror h...
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Jason Brown Feb 12, 2013
That's might as well. Looks like a nice beetle to me, especially from the rear.
Thibault Leroy Feb 11, 2013
The older gens maybe a little but the newer gen have really evolved in looks and dont look at all like beetles
Bala Uncc Feb 11, 2013
That's exactly why I hate this car. The car always looked very blunt and resembles beetle
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 11, 2013
Nice VW beetle.