Comments - Who Made the Best Old Cop Car?

Published: Feb 10, 2013
Description: Ford and Chevy fans have for years been debating which brand does things better. Who makes the better truck? Family hauler? Pony car? The list goes on but on this latest episode of "Roadkill"...
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Jimmy Williams Feb 11, 2013
Seriously though, no love for the Monaco? Pretty great looking for a '70's four door as well.
Alex Renaud Feb 11, 2013
@Jerrod: I like the Dukes of Hazzard reference.
Jerrod Swenson Feb 11, 2013
No Dodge Royal Monaco so it isn't a real contest.
Description: Toss in a trip to the desert and a new low budget form of motorsport and you've got what's clearly the most fun anyone will ever have on the job. So which of these two classic rear-wheel-dri...
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Jesse Andersen Mar 10, 2013
Really expected to see the Hemi beast like in Family Matters.
Mike Renaut Feb 11, 2013
Except it's Caprice not Capri - totally different cars.
Logan Bartnick Feb 11, 2013
The Crown Vic is the better cop car of the two, because whenever you say that name in a car, the driver looks over their shoulder to check for cops. When Capris is said, they think of Capri Sun.
Jerrod Swenson Feb 11, 2013
Best old cop car is the Dodge Monaco, Blues Brothers style.
Gabriel Scott Feb 11, 2013
I hated the look of the Impalas for some reason...appreciate the cars, but I dislike the rear
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 11, 2013
I always liked the old impalas they was very fast here in NYC back in the day
Phil Johnson Feb 10, 2013
Best old cop cars? The 60's 409 cars. That just ain't up for debate.
Geoff Novak Feb 10, 2013
Ima chrysler guy and honnestly, vic any day. They just look mean. And itd be fun to follow people around in a decomissioned one. Seriously anyone else get paranoia for a minute wen other people do tht? I never notice rite away...
Aaron Crisp Feb 10, 2013
If you drive a Crown Vic you're a sadistic asshole. That being said, I love them! The decommissioned ones especially.
Ashton Summers Feb 10, 2013
Makes me want to buy on as a beater.
Mike Renaut Feb 10, 2013
Wouldn't want one to total, I'd want one to keep. Give it ten years and they'll be outrage about destroying these classic cars.
Dylan Bruder Feb 10, 2013
Should have used a same year Vic
Jacob Viiper McCord Feb 10, 2013
Crown vic
Pablo Herasme Feb 10, 2013
Man I would go with a crwn vic just because I grew up seeing that car everywhere
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 10, 2013
I love how he said he didn't like the skinny look but he bought MUD terrains.. There small cause it's easier to go through MUD
Lou Guerrero Feb 10, 2013
I don't think Freiburger or Finnegan would drive a FWD. they just aren't as much fun
Andrew McNeal Feb 10, 2013
What about the Impala? Not as old as the Vic or Caprice, but I had an ex-cop cruiser 2004 Impala and it could haul ASS for only having a 3.8 V6.
Haoliang Li Feb 10, 2013
I think Crown Vic looks good
Matt Piccolo Feb 10, 2013
They're both ugly ass hell. Who cares lol
Juan Lopez Feb 10, 2013
They should have used the chevy impala police car instead is the caprice.
David Parenti Feb 10, 2013
I believe they were evenly matched hp wise. And the crown Vic took the handling. The caprice is also heavier, so offroad with those tires, it didn't stand much of a chance.
David Parenti Feb 10, 2013
The crown Vic is significantly newer than the caprice so I think it has an advantage in the handling dept. the crown Vic with the police package came with dual exhaust and P71 heads making 280+ hp, So they undersold the crown Vic.
Rakesh Senthivelan Feb 11, 2013
Typical, another kid who looks at the pictures, and doesnt read the article
Daniel Anglevik Feb 11, 2013
Big engine. Like 5.7 and like 170hp.
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 11, 2013
Bens so freakin awesome ...not
Ralph Clark Feb 11, 2013
Why show a dead dog
David Parenti Feb 10, 2013
Carissa; judging by the other cars in the background, this photo was taken years ago.
Tracy Keiser Dron Feb 10, 2013
by a very dark angel... very dark
Tyler Tarbox Feb 10, 2013
Absolutely stunning. Those curves were styled by an angel.
Blake Antil Feb 10, 2013
@Ashton u have to comment of the week.
Bill Estep Jr Feb 10, 2013
2 fast 2 furious
Ashton Summers Feb 10, 2013
Ben, heard your gf just bought one.
Carissa Wilson Feb 10, 2013
The price of that ranger is ridiculous.
David Gomez Feb 10, 2013
So you are saying that if you weren't European David, this car wouldn't be cooler?
Dylan Bruder Feb 10, 2013
I'll take the caprice comfortable car
Theo Hubbard Feb 10, 2013
No one cares Ben.
Ben Taylor Feb 10, 2013
Pile of crap
David Eslava Feb 10, 2013
As a European, I think this one's cooler
Brad Jansen May 07, 2013
The Ford Crown Victoria by far
Frank B Young Sr. Feb 21, 2013
I think the old 1971 Dodge Polara would have given them a run for their money..... It had a 413ci engine that would plan out fly.....
Cindy Ngo Feb 11, 2013
A Ford Crown Victoria?
Lou Guerrero Feb 11, 2013
I remember reading a Car&Driver article on the marauder. Awesome car. Already a collectable to me.
Greg Kenerly Feb 11, 2013
Do you guys remember the Mercury Marauder? My old boss had one and it was basically a suped up Crown Vic. Check it out.
Zalmy Ny Feb 10, 2013
You badass crown vic. The chuck Norris of cars
David Parenti Feb 10, 2013
@bill, neither can any other 4000lb RWd car.
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 10, 2013
I love the crown Vic
Ashton Summers Feb 10, 2013
The reason for my Valentine V1. Striking fear in the hearts of speeders across the country.
Bill Estep Jr Feb 10, 2013
Funny about these cars r in deep snow they can't get any traction lol