Comments - Outlaw M5 Drifts the Streets of Tbilisi

Published: Feb 10, 2013
Description: One can do amazing things in a BMW M5 (or any Ultimate Driving Machine, really), not all of which are legal. Managing to avoid those pesky cops and traffic cameras can be tricky, but that's all p...
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Description: Danger aside, it's a rather impressive display of driving skill. Now that he's posted what he says will be the last of his illegal drifting videos, though, we can't help but wonder how ...
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Patrick Joseph Feb 14, 2013
He clearly is a skilled driver. I'm impressed. But what a maniac.
Jeremy Moniz Feb 12, 2013
This guys great
Carlton Salmon Feb 12, 2013
Ronin part 2! Plus points: Great driver skill Great car Nice location Minus points: Totally reckless driving on public roads Kept his foot in with pedestrians crossing the road His dumbass passenger filmed his face! Take to the track or go to jail
John Darwin Price Feb 11, 2013
Amazingly good, but amazingly stupid as well.
James Salaba Feb 11, 2013
Probably the best illegal street drifting ever! Respect!
Tino Domingue Feb 11, 2013
This should be how my pizza get delivered... 10 min flat plz
Brock Zager Feb 10, 2013
What a boss it would be funny if cops tried him no way they can keep up with him or the power of an M
Noah Brigdan Feb 10, 2013
ya it's all fun and games until he kills someone's kid, dad, mom, ect. It wouldn't be such skilled driving if he hit someone in your family Jay you ignorant tool, promoting this shit.
Jeff Reeves Feb 10, 2013
That guy should get a job as a wheel man.
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 10, 2013
Lol so true.
Janak Solanki Feb 10, 2013
OMG this dude is outta his mind. Can u imagine doing that here in the US? You would be on the news with a helicopter chase and in jail after that for a very long time. Then they would make a TV movie about you.
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 10, 2013
Idc how reckless it is.. That's part of the fun
Ian Hawkes Feb 10, 2013
That was crazy
Ian Hawkes Feb 10, 2013
Amazing driver like holy hell
Tony Hernandez Feb 10, 2013
Awesome driver!! But stupid to do it on the road, take it to the track!!
Taylor Garry Feb 10, 2013
Damn that was crazy
Emmanuel Keepnumotivated Rutledge Feb 10, 2013
This ninja is crazzzy!
Justin Stevens Feb 10, 2013
Daytona violet.
Raymond Reynoso Feb 10, 2013
Very good driver but agree with most people here. Take that car to a track.
Lou Guerrero Feb 10, 2013
Not saying its ok to do this but this guy clearly is experienced and is comfortable with that machine. Doesn't look like a 15 year old with his dads car impressing girls. Try a proper rally you hoonigan!
Rodrigo Allen Feb 10, 2013
...the law, and it's still putting others at risk. Dafuq CarBuzz?
Rodrigo Allen Feb 10, 2013
I hate the way CarBuzz writes their articles. When a driver is reckless and he crashes, they ridicule him for being a stupid asshole. Yet when a driver such as this guy does it without crashing, nobody cares. It's still reckless, it's still against
Seth McCormick Feb 10, 2013
I can do this. Hold my beer.
Malachi Monteiro Feb 10, 2013
Pretty good driving, but take it away from the city dude! And I'm glad he doesn't have a more powerful car.
Chad Romo Feb 10, 2013
Great driver. Nothing cool about this and how reckless it is.