Comments - Citroen Reveals Technospace Concept

Published: Feb 10, 2013
Description: Citroen has announces its latest concept, and while it may not be as exciting as some of the show cars it has unveiled in recent years, it gives European buyers at least a good idea of what to expect ...
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Description: The French automaker calls this concept the Technospace, but while some stylistic elements are expected to be dropped on the way to production, it gives a fairly direct preview of the new C4 Picasso t...
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Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 10, 2013
I wonder will it come with a radio as standard this time round
Adam Thomson Feb 11, 2013
It looks angry
Zac D'Anna Feb 11, 2013
Looks like they just slapped some volkswagen tail lights on it
Mike Conrad Feb 10, 2013
Hatch is straight from a Golf.
Harrison Trapnell Feb 10, 2013
Its a VW! Oh wait, it says Citreon. Dafuq?!
Nick Schnee Feb 10, 2013
The old C4's lights are much nicer looking...