Comments - Aston Announces Vantage SP10

Published: Feb 10, 2013
Description: If there's any automaker that can make a lot out of a little, it's Aston Martin. The British automaker has managed to expand its adaptable VH platform into a full model lineup, and has now e...
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Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
That last comment was really... stupid. I adore the Vantage, I'll never own one, but that doesn't stop me loving it to the ends of the earth.
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 10, 2013
Scuttle. Do you look at a pretty woman pass by and appreciate her, Or you don't give a fuck since you have no chance ever.
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 10, 2013
Jacob the point isn't owning them it's appreciating them, any car enthusiast knows that.
Ben Mossing Feb 10, 2013
Continental Europe? So you can't even get it in the UK?
Jacob Keith Miller Feb 10, 2013
So all these new super cars are cool and interesting. But then again, I'm not to interested in them because I can't afford them. If they were to make a reasonably priced Aston Martin or Ferrari. Then id be interested in hearing about them.
Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
These are fantastic cars, you don't like it, don't read the article. Simple as that. Leave it to those of us who love them.
Ethan Stanley Feb 10, 2013
But Aston has the body to back up te grill
Javier Alonso Rivas Feb 10, 2013
since new ford fusion is out i dont see this grill with the same eyes anymore:(
Gray Conron Feb 10, 2013
Also about my website please no mustang and challenger dudes join just so you can hate on camaros. You probably will be deleted if you do that.
Gray Conron Feb 10, 2013
I know it's obviously not an Aston but check out my Camaro-only website. It's called camaro5forum. You have to type into the URL to get to it tho. Btw I have master control so people like Ben Taylor will be banned in 5 minutes.
Lou Guerrero Feb 10, 2013
Listen, these are fantastic looking cars. I agree, but the only Aston to date worth discussing is the V12 Vantage. Smallest with biggest engine and looks like every. Other. Aston.
Matthew Crighton Feb 10, 2013
Adam, read the article. You cannot have been expecting just exterior changes.
Adam Noble Feb 10, 2013
Someone needs to buy the design team some pencils But I guess it works for Porsche
Ben Hislop Feb 10, 2013
What's different?
Daniel Levy Feb 10, 2013
I know their models always look the same, but Im just worried that when they change them, it will be terrible. At least these aston martins are beautiful.
Zeus Mocha Feb 10, 2013
Yea, the vantage in yesterday's cars and coffee article was the first time I felt like it's old now. It needs to be updated. It is still beautiful nonetheless.
AJ Smart Feb 10, 2013
Luv these. But new styling needed!!
Matt Piccolo Feb 10, 2013
It's not just u Ben. It's the one thing I don't like about Aston Martin (but their cars are still beautiful either way!)
Ben Dickerson Feb 10, 2013
Is it just me or do all Aston martins have incredibly similar looking bodies?
Description: While the existing V8 Vantage S is available exclusively with the Sportshift II seven-speed manu-matic, the SP10 will be offered as well with a traditional six-speed manual. The gearbox is mated to th...
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Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
I'd bet Aston would make a great V10, that's a good idea.
Ashton Summers Feb 10, 2013
James May probably can't wait to get his hands on this one too.
Ben Norton Feb 10, 2013
This is sweet! I'm so glad they gave it a manual
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 10, 2013
Yeah they only have two engines the v12 and v8 would be surpriced if they went for a new one anytime soon
Ivan Ryzhov Feb 10, 2013
Nothing comes to mind, concerning a V10. Never the less, they should give it a shot.
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 10, 2013
@shawn has Aston ever used a v10?
Shawn Sullivan Feb 10, 2013
I sorta expected a v10 in this one
Kyle Kloewer Feb 10, 2013
Nice. I bet this will be great
Noah Gavurin Feb 13, 2013
by bad, this is the v8 $120,000+
Noah Gavurin Feb 13, 2013
because you dont have $180,000+?
Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
Someone explain to me why I can't have one! Lol love these things so much.
Ethan Stanley Feb 10, 2013
Incredibly Classy
Jacob Burford Feb 10, 2013
Gorgeous car! Gorgeous color! Gorgeous rims!
Dylan Bruder Feb 10, 2013
It's also lower than it seems in this picture
Ashton Summers Feb 10, 2013
Any lower and it wouldn't work on California roads.
Taylor Garry Feb 10, 2013
Yeah or a camry... C'mon now
Carlos McCrum Feb 10, 2013
At first glance it looks like a 370z
Zachary Maurer Feb 10, 2013
Colin, don't forget the stickers on the side that add 50 hp
Ivan Ryzhov Feb 10, 2013
Gents. Aston Martin will do it for you, if that's what you want. As for price? Who gives a crap? You own an Aston Martin, if you can't afford to have it lowered (no matter the price) you shouldn't be buying it!
David Parenti Feb 10, 2013
$100 if you cut a coil out of the springs like a ricer and sacrifice ride quality. The eibach pro spring kit for my car cost $300. So $100 my butt. Maybe you forgot a 0.
Colin Selby Feb 10, 2013
Yeah lower it, and while ur at it stick a huge spoiler on the back and black out the windows
Zeus Mocha Feb 10, 2013
Really? $100. Please explain.
Dylan Porteous Feb 10, 2013
Hundred bucks to lower an Aston Martin?
Colby Church Feb 10, 2013
@Chris Needs room for clearance in everyday driving. If an owner wants it lowered, it would only cost around a hundred bucks.
Ed Ashby Feb 10, 2013
Those are good wheels
Mohammed Adil Feb 10, 2013
Aston Martin simply make the most beautiful cars in the world.
Landon Lauer Feb 10, 2013
Like the car but love the wheels
Chris Gaines Feb 10, 2013
could be a little lower tho
Aaron Sparks Feb 10, 2013
Yes please
Gavin Jaunky Feb 12, 2013
Just wow.
Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
Just breathtakingly beautiful.
Ashton Summers Feb 10, 2013
If this is sex, would it be considered cheating?
AmJad AlerYani Feb 10, 2013
I Adore it ,,, I like it ,,, I like how i feel when I see it "
Aaron Sparks Feb 10, 2013
Yes it is. The automotive equivalent of sex: Aston Martin.
Kieran Ward Feb 10, 2013
This is sex
Tevaun Morgan Feb 10, 2013
Love the clear taillights
AJ Smart Feb 10, 2013
Cool, but vanquish lights r the best!!
Aaron Sparks Feb 10, 2013
Look at that paint. Perfecto
Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
Really nice interior. This car just overflows with class.
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 10, 2013
Exquisite !
Terrance Parker Feb 10, 2013
I love it and its left hand drive!!
Jackson Michael Feb 10, 2013
Doesn't even make sense
Ed Ashby Feb 10, 2013
Unmistakable. You can tell by the steering wheel and seats in front of it ready to receive a fat middle aged butt!
Donald Chip Schofield Feb 10, 2013
Automatic 7 speed?
Anthony Perugini Feb 10, 2013
is that was this is?:p
Ed Ashby Feb 10, 2013
...and that is what I call an interior
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 10, 2013
John just gave the stereotypical ignorant american a face. Not saying that the stereotype is true, but here it is.
Zeus Mocha Feb 10, 2013
Yup the majority of the countries outside of the US carry left hand drive/ right hand traffic. Actually very few countries carry right hand drive/left hand traffic.
Julian Pilinci Feb 10, 2013
Because the traffic in Europe keeps on the left also.
John David Fuller Feb 10, 2013
If this is a European car only, why isn't it right hand drive?
AJ Smart Feb 10, 2013
Not a fan of the alcantera
Matt Piccolo Feb 10, 2013
Looks great
Jake Dula Feb 11, 2013
Landon = Troll and/or a MASSIVE idiot. Please don't feed the trolls and/or MASSIVE idiots. Lol
Aj White Feb 10, 2013
@Landon Leave this world. Please....
Jacob Burford Feb 10, 2013
If this is cheap, what isn't!
Ashton Summers Feb 10, 2013
Cheap? What, should the console be finished in iridium, and carpets be made from silk spun from the larvae of an endangered butterfly, and gauges finished in ivory from the tusks of elephants.
Paul Dickey Feb 10, 2013
Looks very far from cheap.
Tim Belton Feb 10, 2013
Looks cheap?! Lol ok
Kyle Kloewer Feb 10, 2013
I'd like the 6 speed
Landon Lauer Feb 10, 2013
Looks cheap
Julian Pilinci Feb 10, 2013
I agree, red always makes a good combination with black, let alone this is an Aston.
AJ Smart Feb 10, 2013
Needs a little red
Ada Onwukaike Feb 10, 2013
Nice console