Comments - Watch This Bugatti Blast to 218 MPH

Published: Feb 01, 2013
Description: A fast Bugatti Veyron. Who's ever heard of such a thing? But enough of our sarcasm and straight to the point. An amateur cameraman recently caught a Bugatti Veyron blasting down a highway at spee...
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Jake Spellman Feb 04, 2013
Captain slow went faster than 218...
Jake Gutzeit Feb 01, 2013
hahaha ok, I'll spare you this time! but yes, this is a normal Veyron. If "normal" is the right word for that!
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 01, 2013
Carbuzz finally realizing they don't know what car it is...jk
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Feb 01, 2013
Haha carbuzz
Ryan Faber Feb 01, 2013
lol oh carbuzz...
Aaron Crisp Feb 01, 2013
Haha the last sentence is the best, we love you CB!
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2013
Ahah (if we're wrong, please be kind in the comments and not crucify us). Ok, I guess we can let you guys at carbuzz live one more day. And yes u guys are correct, this isn't a super sport lol
Carlton Salmon Feb 01, 2013
It's a 16.4 Veyron with Pur Sang wheels. Great colour combination as well.
Description: All told, this Bugatti has a top speed of 233 mph. Power comes from an 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16 that produces 1,001 horsepower. With ever increasing competition, there's word that Bugatti ...
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Dave Stewart Feb 07, 2013
It literally sounds like a spaceship coming by on its first run by
rowhan116 Feb 04, 2013
Keith Simonelli Feb 02, 2013
The top speed of a 16.4 is actually limited to 253mph due only to the speed rating on the tires, and u need the second key to activate "top speed mode" i was lucky enough to sit on and hold the keys yo a 16.4 myself
Luis Miguel Lopez Feb 02, 2013
Must be nice
Craig Lafey Feb 02, 2013
1600hp!! Damn!!! I'm loving this car more and more.
Serge Pankratov Feb 02, 2013
DAMN! Thats all i can say after watching the vid. I have done a "drive-by" with my buddy on bikes, and when he flew by me at about 170mph, the feeling and the sound was incredible! Cant imagine a CAR flying by at over 215mph.
A.J. Brady Feb 01, 2013
I thought that the top speed is 253, not 233. And the drive needs to activate the top speed feature (with the key, you activate it in the drivers door seam) that keeps the wing down so you can reach the top speed.
Pablo Herasme Feb 01, 2013
Of course Justin, what 1,000 engine is not going to be loud, mabe fit custom exhaust?
Jonny Carter Feb 01, 2013
Love the jet sound! Not all cars need to be loud! I bet the noises whilst driving are insane
Justin Routh Feb 01, 2013
I dont want my 1000+ hp car to be quiet and calm on the inside.
Theo Hubbard Feb 01, 2013
All the haters can hate and say the Koenigsegg and Hennessey are better cars. But the thing that makes the Veyron so great is how easy all that power is to handle.
Pablo Herasme Feb 01, 2013
I love that mini "thump" bang that it does in the flybys... Really shows the power instead of being obnoxiously loud.
Chase Fecko Feb 01, 2013
For a 2 million dollar car you would think they had better video equipment. Awesome vid though.
Redge Diakité Feb 01, 2013
@ Ashton it sucks 1000l of air at top speed ;)
Ashton Summers Feb 01, 2013
@Eric. It does sound like a Jet. Minus the booming thrust on pass by. In sure it's sucking in as much air as a small turbine engine as well.
Robby N Raquel Stanley Feb 01, 2013
Doesn't matter who else builds a "faster" car, NONE of them will be that composed and refined @ 215mph and up. What a classy car.
Brandon Chase Feb 01, 2013
Bugatti is working on a four door. 1600hp is stupid on a sedan.
Jacob Burford Feb 01, 2013
1600 HP Veyron! That is something for Hennessy and Koiensegg to watch out for!
Anthony Boggs Feb 01, 2013
Wow!!! A Rocket on Wheels
Carlton Salmon Feb 01, 2013
...on YouTube to see how much meticulous care and attention there is to the very finest detail ie. all screws in the Huayra are titanium and have the Pagani logo on them.
Carlton Salmon Feb 01, 2013
...each of those three cars took to develop. Which is why they're all so expensive, exclusive and covetable. The Venom is a great car and looks the business but all you have to do is check out the Koenigsegg or Pagani or Bugatti documentaries...
Carlton Salmon Feb 01, 2013
@ Tyler. Hennessey Venom may be faster than a Veyron, Huayra and an Agera but it's hardly in the same league as those guys. It was built purely to go fast and that's it. Not hating on the car or it's capabilities, but look at how many years...
Nick Smith Feb 01, 2013
Sorry Tyler, your argument is invalid
Tyler Peters Feb 01, 2013
Hennessey Venom GT. Argument. Over.
Anthony Capozzoli Feb 01, 2013
Just wait until SSC puts a W16 in their cars (if they will), that 290 mph Bugatti would be in the rearview mirror!!
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Feb 01, 2013
I want one, i love it so much....
Brandon Chase Feb 01, 2013
Lets just say this. Koenigsegg is leaps and bounds better. They can make a car just has fast with half the engine and half the turbos. And IMO they also make a much better looking car!!!
Nathan Alexander Orlando Kelly Feb 01, 2013
GORGEOUS CAR Only in my dreams haha
Wyatt Gordon Feb 01, 2013
I remember quite clearly seeing that Bugatti won't try to take the record back once the Agera R/ Venom/ whatever else it may be takes the record.
Eric Michalak Feb 01, 2013
It sounds like a jet approaching.
Michael Weber Feb 01, 2013
233mph with one key.
Dave Rain Feb 01, 2013
I thought it was a 253 mph top speed.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Feb 01, 2013
Bugatti super super sport! :D
Zeus Mocha Feb 01, 2013
Brendan Bell Feb 01, 2013
No engine noise, just a whooshing sound.... I like it
Trevor Brown Feb 01, 2013
Redge, air resistance increases exponentially with speed so you'd probably need at least twice that much power to get to 290. But I'm pretty sure I remember reading that Bugatti said they wouldn't try to reclaim the record once they lose it anyway.
Redge Diakité Feb 01, 2013
@daniel Ah ok but it possible for them to do 290 because with 200hp they won almost 30km/h (27 exactly) they just have to find a way to get power back from the heat that spills 2000hp on the 3000hp possible ;)
Jake Judges Feb 01, 2013
233 was all the older ones could hit
Jake Judges Feb 01, 2013
Not a typo
Daniel Peters Feb 01, 2013
@redge, it's a typo, they replaced the 5 with a three. What is odd to me is that they say there might be a 290 mph one in the works. This doesn't really seem possible because they needed to add 200 hp just to make it go 10 mph faster (air resistance increases exponentially) It doesn't really seem feasible that they could get one to 290 mph.
Jake Judges Feb 01, 2013
No this is one of the earlier bugattis that had a top speed of 233 it's correct
Eli Bonner Feb 01, 2013
Try 253.9 mph
Carlton Salmon Feb 01, 2013
Really impressed with how quiet and refined it is inside at that speed.
Pablo Herasme Feb 01, 2013
Its probably a typo, anyway I just love how this is so smooth and calm at speeds like that; really shows its Bugatti identity.
Redge Diakité Feb 01, 2013
Why a top speed of 233mph? It's impossible every Veyron does 254 It's certified by every test
Colin Selby Feb 02, 2013
Terrible colour, but top car
Jacob Burford Feb 01, 2013
The color shines nicely!
Mohamed Alhasan Feb 01, 2013
Sick color
Jake Judges Feb 01, 2013
Great color combo
Pablo Herasme Feb 01, 2013
Good Refresh is needed, but still a head turner.
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2013
I have to agree as well
Jacob Burford Feb 01, 2013
Agree with all of you
Jake Gutzeit Feb 01, 2013
i have to agree, very stunning in white
Nathan Alexander Orlando Kelly Feb 01, 2013
@Jackson--->>> Agreed
Jackson Michael Feb 01, 2013
They look best in white