Comments - Jaguar Delays Crossover, 3 Series Rival is Priority

Published: Feb 01, 2013
Description: We've reported several times over the past few months that Jaguar is busy at work planning an expansion of its lineup as it continues to grow as a luxury carmaker. With German rivals such as BMW ...
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Gray Conron Feb 02, 2013
I can't wait for this car. It would be awesome if they made an F-Sport version too to combat the M3!!!!!!
Ray Liu Feb 01, 2013
Jag beats BMW in looks, in fact many carmakers dose
Luke Purdy Feb 01, 2013
Smart move
Tyler Tarbox Feb 01, 2013
Really excited for the 3 series/c class/ATS/a4 competitor. The XF and XJ are fantastic cars so I wouldn't expect this new car to be any different!
Benjamin Hardaway Feb 01, 2013
Jag will not beat ATS
Ashton Summers Feb 01, 2013
Jag just needs a car that will make them money. Hopefully they do a good job with a 3-series rival. Would hate to see them go the way of Saab.
Zeus Mocha Feb 01, 2013
Idc what they do just as long as they keep those interiors as sexy as they have them.
Jacob Burford Feb 01, 2013
The XF and XJ are the best looking and best driving cars in there classes! If they base the 3-Series fighter off the f-type, and give it gorgeous looks like every other jaguar, they will have no problem taking on the 3-series!
Jacob Burford Feb 01, 2013
@Andy No, it the smart idea! They have land rover with the evoque to compete in the X3 class.
David Guerrero Feb 01, 2013
Tino, you might have. Honda is in production of their histories first ever V8, and bringing a new Acura that will be available in a coupe, sedan, and wagon. Also honda also has been quoted they will enter a new market. Fingers crossed.
Andy Efimovich Feb 01, 2013
Very stupid! They have no chanse in 3 series class... While the lux X3 rival is super needed!!!
Jens-Kristian Gram Larsen Feb 01, 2013
I wanted the the crossover to come out first. dosn't matter as Tino explains.
Tino Domingue Feb 01, 2013
^.^ I'm so happy more m3 competitors... So lets see BMW,Benz,Audi,cadi,Lexus,Infiniti, n jag... Did I miss anybody?
Gray Conron Feb 02, 2013
To each their own with this car. There is one for every amount of power you need. My favorite in its class.
Devin Saint Enzo Feb 02, 2013
Majestic vehicle
Jr Dawkins Feb 02, 2013
Wow, everyone is in agreement! This is a lovely car. It would me nice if they bring one to the NY Auto Show!
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2013
Agreed Tyler
Ray Liu Feb 01, 2013
So much more elegant than the rest
Tyler Tarbox Feb 01, 2013
So much better looking than a 5 Series, CTS, A6, or E class
Wyatt Gordon Feb 01, 2013
I love the front, especially the lights, but the profile is a little dull
Benjamin Hardaway Feb 01, 2013
I would buy this
Joe Talerico Feb 01, 2013
Like this shade of blue on this car.
Jacob Burford Feb 01, 2013
Beautiful car! Great all round as well!
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2013
David Guerrero Feb 01, 2013
Love it
Description: "Even though the SUV market is growing, the (sedan) market is still twice the size, especially in the US," Hallmark stated. He also added that since sister company Land Rover already has a n...
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Sam Biggin Feb 04, 2013
Jaguar land rover are making record profits and have already paid off any investment Tata put in. One of the few car companies making money atm
Jacob Burford Feb 02, 2013
@Dan Jaguar and Land Rover are setting record sales, and they are developing a 3-series fighter to increase sales even more!
Dan Morris Feb 02, 2013
Jag is just a niche brand without a car in the 3 series , ATS ;) range. I'm not sure they will survive before Tata realizes its spending too much money just as Ford did.
Ryan Lopez Feb 02, 2013
@Dan first time I've heard that
Mick Williams Feb 01, 2013
I have an X type still. Best car I've ever had.
Dan Morris Feb 01, 2013
I had 2 x types 2002 bad news 2004 flawless. Under rated in the media. I have MB e class and a GLK now and do miss the x.
Jacob Burford Feb 01, 2013
True! Jaguar has come a long way since then!
Patrick Joseph Feb 01, 2013
X type. What a disaster. No wonder they sale for a loaf of bread now. It ain't a real jag.
Description: But entering an ultra-competitive segment like the premium compact sports sedan will be a real challenge, as Hallmark continued: "Trying to find a gap to exploit is a real challenge. Nobody is wa...
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Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Feb 01, 2013
This is the entry level with the 2.2 four pot diesel the 3.0 diesel come with dual pipes & the R comes with 4
Ray Liu Feb 01, 2013
Not as impressive
Jacob Burford Feb 01, 2013
Yeah, the ones they sell in N. America all have doubles!
Luis Enrique Lara Feb 01, 2013
I'm sure it only has one exhaust cause it is a diesel xf
Clinton Burger Feb 01, 2013
They should take off that plastic piece in the back, place dual exhausts, they can be subtle
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2013
Looks freaking amazing
Ashton Summers Feb 01, 2013
So weird seeing one of these with single exhaust.
Logan LeMonnier Feb 02, 2013
The from redesign on this wasn't very good. I miss the old one
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2013
I think this looks awesome, but I have no doubt in my mind, if jag was to create a competitor, it would b best in class visual wise!
Zaire Wilkins Feb 01, 2013
Once again not really
Tyler Tarbox Feb 01, 2013
Redesign is ugly I think
Benjamin Hardaway Feb 01, 2013
I don't like this redesign.
Paul Smolin Feb 01, 2013
Yes really the KING
Brian Howard Feb 01, 2013
I really don't like this that much the lights are bad now
Zaire Wilkins Feb 01, 2013
Not really
Janak Solanki Feb 01, 2013
Hell yea
Elias Harb Feb 01, 2013
King of its class
Ray Liu Feb 01, 2013
Don't put duel exhausts together thanks