Comments - Drop-Top GT86 Concept Off to Geneva

Published: Feb 01, 2013
Description: Toyota insiders recently hinted that the long-awaited open-top variant of the GT86 would premiere at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, and the Japanese automaker has just confirmed as much in previewing the...
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Ryan Lopez Feb 01, 2013
Dude no one wants a roadster
Jordan Smith Feb 01, 2013
A targa would be nice
Henz Herrero Feb 01, 2013
Keep it as a convertible and this will be my next car.. Dont make it a roadster..
Description: To save weight, a GT-86 convertible will likely utilize an electronically-operated folding fabric roof instead of the heavier retractable hard-top option with the tiny rear seats sacrificed to make ro...
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Jonny Carter Feb 01, 2013
What on earth is this
Johnny Vu Feb 03, 2013
That's the new corolla but I think it's a wagon or whatever form
Benjamin Hardaway Feb 02, 2013
Who cares it's a Toyota
David Lee Feb 02, 2013
Specifically, an Auris Touring Sports.
David Lee Feb 02, 2013
@Graham If you actually read anything, you would know that this is an Auris... *facepalm*
Graham Young Feb 01, 2013
It's not very good looking at all but that is the best looking Prius Out there
Joshua Grant Robinson Feb 02, 2013
I like it! And I expected not too. It looks a little more grown up. Not so toyish.
Haoliang Li Feb 02, 2013
A bit too edgy...
Matt Piccolo Feb 01, 2013
@ Carl, looks are subjective to opinions. U can't say someone has bad taste in cars. It's their own opinion
Ethan Amo Feb 01, 2013
Lookin good
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 01, 2013
Looks similar to the Acura mdx
Bader Al Ajeel Feb 01, 2013
I queitly like the new rav4