Comments - Chris Harris Helps Develop GRID 2

Published: Feb 01, 2013
Description: Codemasters' GRID 2 is currently being readied for a summer release, and from this first of three trailers for the new driving simulator it appears auto-journo Chris Harris has had a hand in its ...
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Mohammed Shafe'e Johar Feb 02, 2013
@Majed man they dunno any shits hahahaha
Graham Byrd Feb 02, 2013
Crossing swords. Hahaha.
Majed Ameeri Feb 01, 2013
Us marina is for Abu Dhabi
Description: "I'm thoroughly enjoying working on these videos for GRID 2, and adding a few pointers to help develop the handling on some of the key cars in the game. It's a great opportunity to expl...
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Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 01, 2013
The 12C is becoming rather popular...
JB Kolod Feb 01, 2013
What about rfactor 2, I am stoked for that
Redge Diakité Feb 01, 2013
DAAAMMN this and maybe Forza 5 and GTA 5 too much games to buy ^^
Tyler Wallace Feb 01, 2013
I want it
Nick Schnee Feb 01, 2013
That exhaust looks facemelting.
Adam Thomson Feb 03, 2013
Nice stripes.
John Burlie Feb 02, 2013
How can you be a Forza purist if you don't like one of the Forza products? Do you mean you are a Forza Motorsport purist?
Victor Pitts Feb 01, 2013
I'm a forza purist... Meaning I didn't like Horizons... But damn this looks good!
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 01, 2013
Wow in game footage
Redge Diakité Feb 02, 2013
Lou did you post videos on YouTube?
Eric Anthony Feb 02, 2013
Lol you have an xbox?
Ryan Lopez Feb 02, 2013
Lou u have a ps3?0
Lou Guerrero Feb 01, 2013
Redge, I destroy at drifting in GT5. Look me up--- UHPdriver I'll give you lessons.
Trent Fiala Feb 01, 2013
@Chris are you kidding me? That game is so easy lol I am so dam beast at that game, especially with the gt3 cars you just need to learn how all the cars handle and figure out how to drive them right, it's too easy
Chris Penza Feb 01, 2013
@tyler shift 2 is the worst 'simulator' ever created. It's undrivable even with a fanatic wheel once you get to gt3
Jackson Michael Feb 01, 2013
Grid was an awesome game but I always felt claustrophobic on the tracks
Trevor Brown Feb 01, 2013
Cool picture, I'd definitely take the E30 M3 over the 1M.
Sam Reinsel Feb 01, 2013
It's not the physics that bugs me in GT5, it's the UI and menus....
Redge Diakité Feb 01, 2013
@Sivert LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL GT5 realistic??!!! When you drift with à car, you turn the steering wheel the other side the car does a 360 you can't do anything in this game
Sivert Grande Feb 01, 2013
If you want a realistic racing game, buy GT5. Although I'm sure Codemasters know their stuff.
Colby Church Feb 01, 2013
The first GRID was great, I'm sure this will be as well. I doubt they will release a game that they consider a downgrade from the previous. Also Shift 2 is the wort racing game ever. Mario Kart has more realistic handling than Shift 2... -.-
Tyler Wallace Feb 01, 2013
Shift 2 is the best need to make a shift 3
Angelo Baclay Feb 01, 2013
If its better than shift 2
Chris Penza Feb 01, 2013
If this is anything like forza (physics wise) I'll definitely buy it
Lou Guerrero Feb 01, 2013
Chris Harris rarely disappoints lol
Richard Nichols Feb 01, 2013
Arrrr the exit of Druids at brands hatch being taken rather flamboyantly. Good work young man.
Adam Thomson Feb 02, 2013
I adore this!!!!!!!!!!!!!