Comments - 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid Spied

Published: Feb 01, 2013
Description: BMW displayed a 5 Series plug-in hybrid concept at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, featuring a 92hp electric motor coupled with a 214 hp turbocharged internal combustion engine. That car is seemingly en ...
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Description: In line with the refreshed 5-series range, the hybrid will sport a new front and rear fascia, as well as updated headlights and taillights. In concept form, the 5 Series plug-in managed a 47-mile elec...
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Jacob Lerklint Feb 01, 2013
@ryan, what are you talking about, they didnt refresh it
Ashton Summers Feb 01, 2013
Take off the camo, and no one would have noticed.
Jason Brown Feb 01, 2013
And it's still boring...
Ryan Lopez Feb 01, 2013
They just did this year
Rodrigo Allen Feb 01, 2013
When are they going to refresh the 5 series?
Raymond Reynoso Feb 02, 2013
The charging function isn't enabled due to high voltage testing I suppose. It's german
Tino Domingue Feb 01, 2013
What dos that's say? I can't read German!!! Or is it Ditch?