Posted on: Dec 29, 2013
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Michigan, Of All States, Approves Autonomous Cars

The home state of the Big Three automakers may have just killed the future of driving fun.
Self-driving cars are quite possibly the worst enemy for gearheads. And as more states approve legislation for them to be tested on public roads, it’s sounding very likely that autonomous vehicles will one day become a part of daily transportation. States with already approved autonomous vehicle testing include California, Florida, and Nevada. Now we can add the state of Michigan, the home of the Big Three automakers, to that list.

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Governor Rick Snyder has just signed legislation allowing for testing of self-driving cars in Michigan, thus paving the way for companies such as Google, auto suppliers, and other automakers to get started this coming year. Michigan does require self-driving cars involved in testing to carry an "M" license plate to identify them. So is this good or bad? Governor Snyder proudly stated that "Michigan is the automotive capital of the world. By allowing the testing of automated, driverless cars today, we will stay at the forefront in the automotive technological advances that will make driving safe and more efficient in the future." Now that Michigan is on board, expect additional states to approve similar legislation in the near future.

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by Jay Traugott
Michigan, Of All States, Approves Autonomous Cars
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