Posted on: Dec 01, 2013
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LaFerrari Gets Rear-Ended by a Truck

It was bound to happen at some point.
No matter how expensive, rare or special a car may be, the risk of an accident or any other sort of serious crash always exists. And the new Ferrari LaFerrari isn’t immune from an accident-free life. Thanks to car spotter Marchenttino, today we have an image and a few details regarding the first LaFerrari accident. The incident took place on a highway around Mantova, Italy, an area known for Ferrari testing. From the looks of the single image taken, the LaFerrari was rear-ended by a truck. No one was injured and the car doesn't look too bad, but that truck driver has some serious explaining to do for smashing into a $1.3 million car.

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by Jay Traugott
LaFerrari Gets Rear-Ended by a Truck
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