Posted on: Nov 12, 2013
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World's 1st Stretched Jaguar E-Type

Because if you're going to travel cross country, you gotta look good.
The Jaguar E-Type is without question one of the most beautiful production cars ever built. Heck, even Enzo Ferrari vocally declared its beauty. But like any other two-seat roadster or coupe, there’s not exactly a whole lot of legroom and storage space. Granted, cars like the E-Type weren’t developed for hauling purposes. But what if an owner did want to go on a weekend getaway with their E-Type along with a significant other? Wouldn’t having space for a few bags and bottles of wine be needed?

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Isn’t having some extra legroom a requirement for grand touring? Of course, so that’s why Class Motor Cars created this bespoke stretched E-Type and trailer. As a part of its restoration, this Series I E-Type, owned by an American client, was stretched four and half inches. Its roofline was also raised by 1.25 inches above the driver’s head and the hood floor was lowered and reshaped to fit a 20 gallon gas tank. CMC also added a/c, power steering, and upgraded brakes and suspension. The proud owner plans to take his restored E-Type, and its unique matching trailer, on road trips across the US. We can’t think of any better way to travel.

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by Jay Traugott
World's 1st Stretched Jaguar E-Type

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