Posted on: Oct 22, 2013
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Australian Police Get Porsche Police Car

Will Mad Max jokes ever got old? Probably not.
When the events depicted in The Road Warrior finally do, inevitably, take place, the cars being driven by Australia’s police forces right now will become highly important. For this, as well as some slightly more immediately relevant reasons, the Police of Harbourside LAC (a police force in suburban Sydney) are happy to have received a police car made from a Porsche Panamera. The car actually looks pretty well suited to roll, and it’s amazing we don’t see this more.

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Of course, one big reason why we don’t is cost, and this car was donated by Porsche Cars Australia, who are also covering the maintenance costs of the car, and even the cost of this photo shoot. Of course, the car is mostly going to be used for publicity purposes, and although the livery says Harbourside, it will be spending a fair amount of time on loan to other commands. Still, there are going to be a few very lucky police officers who will get to drive the super cruiser.

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by Jacob Joseph
Australian Police Get Porsche Police Car
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