Posted on: Oct 10, 2013
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Caddy's Next Halo Model Spawning New Buick?

Buick could use something a bit more exciting than its current crop.
Cadillac is fully intent on launching a big rear-wheel-drive sedan that’ll compete directly against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. While that car is still a couple of years away, Cadillac is apparently still working to find additional ways to fund the project. Building a halo car ain’t cheap considering it won’t sell in numbers as big as the ATS and the CTS. However, a new report is claiming that General Motors may have found a possible answer to help pay for that big investment.

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Simply use the Caddie’s architecture for a new Buick halo car as well. If a RWD Buick sedan were to become a reality, it would certainly cost less than its Cadillac cousin, and would be designed to appeal to a slightly different group of buyers. GM hasn’t confirmed anything as of yet, but one of its senior executives has stated in the past there’s definitely a hole in Buick’s current lineup. Translation: Buick needs an image-builder. One possibility is a production version of the Riviera Coupe concept that debuted at Shanghai last April. Whoever said Buick needed yet another sedan?


by Jay Traugott
Caddy's Next Halo Model Spawning New Buick?

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