Comments - Top 5 Classics in Jay Leno's Garage

Published: Jan 09, 2013
Description: We often see Jay Leno discussing on his web series cars such as Lamborghinis, Mustangs and Challengers, to name just a few. But in addition to "The Tonight Show" host's massive collecti...
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Description: It should come as no surprise that Leno owns an original 1918 Cadillac Type 57 Victoria. Despite its age, this classic Caddy still has its original paint and wood-spoke wheels. Just to give a clearer ...
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Jag Love Jan 10, 2013
It isn't what he/she wrote, but I think that's the point they were trying to convey.
Jag Love Jan 10, 2013
I think (although who in the actual hell knows what some of these Carbuzz writers are ever thinking), that the writer was referencing that the US didn't ENTER the war until 1917, when saying "World War I had only begun the year prior".
David Munasinghe Jan 09, 2013
@ Car Buzz.It should be "ww1 was ending" because it ended in Nov 1918, same year the car was built.
Augie Schroer Jan 09, 2013
^ yeah this app is incorrect on stuff like this
Max Müller Jan 09, 2013
It began in 1914...
Description: Among all the steamers and supercars, Leno is also the owner of several classic Bugattis, including this 1928 Type 37A. Originally owned by Pierre Veyron (the namesake for today's Bugatti hyperca...
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Austin J. Bower Jan 11, 2013
You're off a couple years there...a few decades off
David Eslava Jan 10, 2013
1928, when the Cold War was just begining.
Description: Classic steam cars are a rare find these days. But Leno, being a big fan, happens to own a few, one of which is this 1925 Doble Steamer. Producing 1,000 lb-ft of torque, Leno's pride and joy has ...
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Micah Buffat Jan 17, 2013
Wow that's really cool if all cars were like that we wouldn't have to worry about global warming it hardly creates any toxic fumes
Nodnarb Ydil Jan 09, 2013
1,000lbs of torque?! How did those little tires not disintegrate ?
Description: The type of car that originally ignited Leno's passion for cars was a Jaguar XK120. It all started from that gorgeous British-built roadster. So it stands to reason, if not obsession, that Jay ha...
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Description: Aside from the cars he owns, the Denim Chin is also given access to some of the most rare and expensive cars in the world. In this video, Leno checks out a one-off 1938 Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet Xenia. W...
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Dylan Bruder Jan 09, 2013