Comments - Nissan GT-R Snow-Drifts

Published: Jan 09, 2013
Description: One of the advantages of having an all-wheel drive high-performance sports car means that you can, in theory, continue driving it even when the roads are covered in snow. That is, assuming you're...
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Jacob Lerklint Jan 09, 2013
Robert! :)
Description: But there are other benefits to living in this part of the world, such as taking Godzilla out and sliding it around on some slippery roads. A new X Games winter sport perhaps? We'd have no argume...
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William Downs Jan 10, 2013
Jack do u even know what overrated means... GTR is not anywhere overrated get your shit rite child and stop spewing bull shit all the time just cause u want to talk
darrellbell24 Jan 10, 2013
wow....just wow....must be fun
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 09, 2013
Wow i can see why everbody hates you jack. Hpwever i what i cant see is how a gtr is overrated. And im not a gtr fanboy. I wouldnt buy one
Drew Humphrey Jan 09, 2013
I like the GT-R...this isn't a ricer
Nelson Alexander Jan 09, 2013
Jacob Lerklint Jan 09, 2013
@cassandra. Yeah its a bit odd with an whole article just for a little slide.. For me its kind of fun because I know him
Shelby Cassandra Jan 09, 2013
This gets an article? Most Michigan drivers could do this.
Jacob Lerklint Jan 09, 2013
Yes there sparks from the winter tires
Trevor Bodi Jan 09, 2013
That's legit. Ken Block should drive one of those. Haha