Comments - DRIVE Goes Behind the Scenes at Koenigsegg HQ

Published: Jan 09, 2013
Description: In the first installment in the Drive channel's nine-part series on Koenigsegg, the Swedish hypercar-maker's founder Christian Von Koenigsegg himself gives us a complete rundown on how his c...
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Lance Vincent Sep 01, 2013
Maybe Koenigsegg is competing Pagani when in becomes to carbon fiber usage. But Pagani uses a stronger and light CARBOTANIUM.
Serge Pankratov Jan 11, 2013
Agera R baby. None like it!
Wyatt Gordon Jan 09, 2013
I must admit, that Agera R is really growing on me
Otnay Nat Jan 09, 2013
It's a great looking car, but I still take the pagani Zonda R any day
Mike Perry Jan 09, 2013
I wonder if the boss of Bugatti is this involved with the product they are manufacturing.....Still one of the great cars Ill take a Mclaren F1 LM over it anyway but thats something else.
Jens-Kristian Gram Larsen Jan 09, 2013
Those cars look FANTASTIC. But im not sure if i would take this or a Veyron. I proparly would take the Veyron and then sell it and buy other great cars, the first on would be a Mercedes SLS AMG GT.
Description: From the company's headquarters housed in the hangars of a former Swedish Air Force fighter jet squadron, get ready for what will be the most in-depth inside look at one of the world's most ...
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Drake Nailon Jan 11, 2013
As a former composite tech I can tell you these folks are true artists. Pagani is the only other manufacturer that I would put in the same league. Everyone else is playing catch up.
Asad Yusufzai Jan 11, 2013
Respect to koenigsegg for this series and more
Sam Oglesby Jan 10, 2013
Never realised just how much carbon fibre is in this car
Adam Ouellette Jan 09, 2013
Easily my favourite supercar manufacturer. What an art!
Scott Walker Jan 09, 2013
What I would do to work there
Ryan Faber Jan 09, 2013
I would work there for free. hell i'd even pay them to let me help build such an amazing machine.
Elias Harb Jan 09, 2013
Christian and Horacio = Enzo and Ferrucio
John Maffeo Jan 09, 2013
It Amazes me how much work for one carbon part and the end result is this art form of a car
Jacob Lerklint Jan 09, 2013
Haha True story man
Redge Diakité Jan 09, 2013
Christian Von Koenigsegg is one of the car Gods. Horacio Pagani is his brother :)
Benjamin Hardaway Jan 09, 2013
This is cool but definitely not as good looking as the Zonda even though Pagani aren't building them anymore.
Janak Solanki Jan 09, 2013
I would take an Aventador over this. I think the lines on this are not as dramatic as a Lambo to me.
Jacob Burford Jan 09, 2013
Agree This> over any other 1 million dollar and up HyperCar! Even the Pagani Huayra!
Ryan Faber Jan 09, 2013
it doesn't get much better than this... #drooling
Serge Pankratov Jan 11, 2013
People who drive this car probably will never park next to a curb.. These cars usually are parked on spaceous driveways or lawns pr garages
Janak Solanki Jan 09, 2013
Looks like it came from space
Kyle Christenson Jan 09, 2013
Maybe if the doors opened traditionally it would hit the curb too.
Paul Dickey Jan 09, 2013
Best doors ever. Besides you really think someone will just park this by a curb and forget how their doors open? C'mon meow
Felix Rhett Jan 09, 2013
+1. Best doors in the business.
Ryan Faber Jan 09, 2013
I wouldnt call myself a fanboy bc I have respect all car brands just some more than others. I dont get on here and trash certain cars bc they rival my favorites.
Darryle Moody Jan 09, 2013
That is just straight cold there!
Ed Ashby Jan 09, 2013
I always thought the way the doors open is a bit unnecessary. Leave the wacky doors to Lambo and Merc. Would still be an awesome car
Zachary Maurer Jan 09, 2013
Crap Ryan, a little harsh there fanboy?
Austin Bride Jan 09, 2013
No. It's pretty obvious that that door would hit a high curb. Thought and ingenuity doesn't mean it's invincible.
Ryan Faber Jan 09, 2013
@Brian, you're silly.. that door has more thought and ingenuity put into it than your entire car.
Brian Lewis Jan 09, 2013
Lovely car. The doors are silly because if you park next to a curb the doors scrape it...but who cares. Awsome car
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Jan 09, 2013
Sheeeet this photo is beautiful