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Published: Jan 08, 2013
Description: Looking at what Guinness recognizes as an official world record - from the "World's Fastest Motorized Toilet" to "Most Cars Performing Donuts Simultaneously" - it's no ...
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Description: At 207 mph, the Guinness World Record for the Nevada Open Road Challenge had stood since 2000, but on May 20, 2012, these records were demolished by Jim Peruto and his modified NASCAR 2006 Dodge Charg...
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Jay Garcia Jan 08, 2013
Holy #%*€ Can those spectators curse !!
Austin Bride Jan 08, 2013
Intelligence oozing out of their vocabulary.
Brad Henson Jan 08, 2013
Description: Jolene Van Vugt flushed the previous record away by a sizeable 4.3 mph, topping out at 46.6 mph (75 km/h) in a motorized porcelain bog. To satisfy Guinness World Record's lofty standards, the...
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Wayne Joseph Borean Jan 09, 2013
Record would be more impressive if she was using it for its intended purpose...
Taylor J. Blake Jan 09, 2013
Pretty sure that's a lip ring.. Just sayin.
Jordan Smith Jan 08, 2013
Shane Carroll Jan 08, 2013
I'm gonna chop it up and make some guacaMOLEY
Ghassan Tosca Shammas Jan 08, 2013
Moly moly moly
Jay Garcia Jan 08, 2013
One word for you " MOLE "
Description: This twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera by Underground Racing was built for owner Roy Hofman. The world record quarter-mile he put down was an incredible 8.35 seconds at a speed of 181 mph. ...
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Ben Knorr Jan 08, 2013
impressive speed shifting
Brian Johnston Jan 08, 2013
The underground lambo is absolutly insane.
Lorenzo Pagano Jan 08, 2013
wrong video... come on carbuzz
Jimmy Case Jan 08, 2013
My grandpa built a customers gt500 for the texas mile.
Tanner Biglione Jan 08, 2013
This isn't right.... But I'll watch a video of Hennessy anytime
Aaron Crisp Jan 08, 2013
I just watched the Hennessy Ford GT...?
Description: 75 cars congregated at the Infineon Raceway to break the Guiness World Record for Most Cars Performing Donuts Simultaneously, besting the previous world record of 57 cars set in 2010 in Queensland, Au...
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David Hicks Jan 08, 2013
So many Nissan 180SXs...
Jay Garcia Jan 08, 2013
There goes the Ozone layer lol just kidding burn those tires .!
Austin Bride Jan 08, 2013
Looks like a few broke down. Also my favorite quote from the video "fuck you couch nigga"
Description: This is one of Guinness' most popular records, with the record changing hands five times in the last couple of years. It's currently held by Chinese master wheelman Han Yue, who shaved an in...
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Brant Sheen Jan 08, 2013
This is funny! The things people do for entertainment.
Benjamin Hardaway Jan 08, 2013
Wow that's easy!
Eric Chau Jan 08, 2013
Haha at least there is an Asian out there that can park. But prolly hit the other car when trying to get out of the spot. ;)
Stray Kots Jan 09, 2013
I mourn Trans America road racing most of all... And giggle about how General Motors and BFGoodrich blatantly stole the name(T/A and Trans Am)
Ben August Jan 09, 2013
NASCAR is a joke. Stock car racing, is not. Learn the difference.
Justin Routh Jan 08, 2013
@Chris yes im sure you could drive an 800hp car near 200mph within inches of 3 or 4 other cars. Douche
Jordan Smith Jan 08, 2013
That's what NASCAR should still be today. Imagine the muscle car wars if that's how it would be.
Shane Carroll Jan 08, 2013
Wish they'd go back to STOCK CAR racing, go get a model off the showroom, gut it out and if you're too slow, too bad
Chris Huff Jan 08, 2013
Thats what nascar is about. Pretty much the same car turning left every 10 seconds.
Wyatt Smith Jan 08, 2013
See, that's not a dodge charger...that's a generic stock car with a charger sticker on the front. I was expecting a real charger...
Brad Henson Jan 08, 2013
Sexy race car
Aiden Bass Jan 09, 2013
The $40K option is only a 200 hp gain
Aiden Bass Jan 09, 2013
Yes it's street legal. The Race Version Turbo System costs $109,000, and if you own a Lambo with the E-Gear (paddle shifter) option, it's an extra charge..
John Patten Jan 09, 2013
Is it street legal?
Brian Johnston Jan 08, 2013
Love underground lambos but i think id take the Hennessy ford GT1000 even though this is way faster.
Andrew Hubbard Jan 08, 2013
If you go on UG racing they have the price of every stage for any year model.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 08, 2013
@Dillion. They are about $40K
Dillon Magee Jan 08, 2013
How much would a tt kit like this cost?
Serge Pankratov Jan 08, 2013
Oooooh yeah!
Aaron Crisp Jan 08, 2013
Tyler Tarbox Jan 08, 2013
Dream car. Absolutely amazing