Comments - Leno Compares a Pair of Gallardos

Published: Jan 08, 2013
Description: Jay Leno makes no secret of his passion for Lamborghinis. As the owner of several of Sant'Agata's finest - including a couple of a Miuras and a Countach - our favorite late night talk-show h...
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Description: However, the LP 570-4 Superleggera is a lightweight, all-wheel drive supercar that offers ridiculous power as well as superior handling abilities. Whatever one's preference may be, the Gallardo h...
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Johnny Matias Jan 09, 2013
@Patrick That's cuz Vettes have entire plastic bumpers in the name of saving $ but Lambos have plastic windows because they weigh less. Porsche did the same thing.
Ty Schuring Jan 08, 2013
Just buy a Balboni if you want rwd.
Patrick Schalk Jan 08, 2013
Gorgeous. Funny the Vette is called plastic but this 250k+ Lamborghini has plastic windows.
Lorenzo Pagano Jan 08, 2013
all Leno ever tries to do to see if a car is good is do an idiodic burn out
Jackson Michael Jan 08, 2013
@Ryan If interrupting people makes him millions then I don't see why he wouldn't
Dillon Magee Jan 08, 2013
I hope they offer a rwd version.
Geoff Novak Jan 08, 2013
Lol at 7:20 theres a chrysler turbine in the background. Funny its in 2 articles today
Ryan Faber Jan 08, 2013
I hate how leno pronounces the italian words GaLLardo and superleGerra. he sounds like a stupid american. he also never lets anyone finish speaking. he'll ask a question that he thinks he knows the more appropriate answer to and cuts people off.
Thibault Leroy Jan 08, 2013
They only made 250 Balboni editions if im not mistaken. And that wasnt his, he was just test driving it
Malachi Monteiro Jan 08, 2013
I would expect Leno to have a Balboni Edition.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 08, 2013
It really is. Love all Lambos. The crazy looks and styling are enough for me
Mati Araujo Jan 08, 2013
Superleggera is beautiful
John Serely Jan 08, 2013
@jacob it's RWD and signed by the most famous lambo test driver
Jacob Mullner Jan 08, 2013
Aside from rarity, what else makes this particular Gallardo more desirable?
Jacob Lerklint Jan 08, 2013
@carlton. Yes its the balboni
Carlton Salmon Jan 08, 2013
That's the Balboni, right?
Dylan Bruder Jan 08, 2013
Wish I could drive one
Malachi Monteiro Jan 08, 2013
Favorite Gallardo!