Comments - Ferrari to Reveal 458 Monte Carlo in Frankfurt

Published: Jan 08, 2013
Description: Ferrari claims the 458 Italia laps the Fiorano test track at the same 1:25 as the older 430 Scuderia (just a tenth of a second off the Enzo's pace, incidentally), but the Prancing Horse marque lo...
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Wyatt Gordon Jan 09, 2013
FORZA 458! Lol I love this car
Brian Johnston Jan 08, 2013
430 is still my favorite.
Jordan Smith Jan 08, 2013
This is a track car so the top speed probably won't be increased. The acceleration definitely will be though.
Dylan Bruder Jan 08, 2013
Should be pretty intense
Luke Purdy Jan 08, 2013
I can't freakin wait
Ben Doolittle Jan 08, 2013
This is gonna be good......!!!
Mike Perry Jan 09, 2013
A new Ferrari.............yawn. In my opinion they have lost credibility after the FF,599 GTO ,California and so many track only mega millions cars.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 09, 2013
Description: The latest word on the street is that the 458 Monte Carlo will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this coming September following closed-doors previews for select customers and dealers in August....
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Justin Tang Feb 16, 2013
They won't make it faster as the f12. They don't want to beat the new flagship car
Kyle Kloewer Jan 12, 2013
That would perfect it even more
Frankie Ferreira Jan 09, 2013
Me too I make 600hp out of 4.5 naturally aspirated liters. Holy fuckin shizzz!
Wyatt Gordon Jan 09, 2013
I honestly think 650+ would be cool
Dillon Magee Jan 08, 2013
I agree with Walker. 620 hp is about perfect.
Dylan Bruder Jan 08, 2013
Smart with them giving that big gap with the Enzo successor coming this weekend
Walker Carroll Jan 08, 2013
I feel like they should equal Mclaren with power output
Luke Purdy Jan 08, 2013
620hp and now we are talking
Description: Speculation circulating the internet is that Ferrari could also ditch the dual-clutch transmission found in all its current models in favor of a lighter-weight, more track-focused single-clutch sequen...
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Tameem Zargarpur Jan 09, 2013
Mohammed, a dual clutch is "better" b/c it has the next gear ready for you. But if you are a skilled driver you don't need it. Replacing the DC with a SC would require a better driver but reduce the weight.
Eric Dare Jan 08, 2013
Yah they are but a dual clutch is much heavier
Mohamad Al Alshaikh Jan 08, 2013
Isn't a dual clutch better and faster than single clutch? Correct me if I'm wrong
Ahmed Al Harthy Mar 21, 2013
Maybe front bumbler will look like something similar to he 430 scud
Wyatt Gordon Jan 09, 2013
Brian, no I like the front. I was adressing Paul's spelling
Brian Johnston Jan 09, 2013
Wyatt and paul i agree. Hopefully the monte carlo will have a new bumper like the scudira
Wyatt Gordon Jan 09, 2013
Yes Paul, the frot.
Paul Dickey Jan 09, 2013
I can't bring myself to like the frot of this car.
Jacob Burford Jan 09, 2013
Agree! I've always seen Ferrari as a company represented by a mid engined V8 supercar, and this is it!
Paul Rodriguez Jr Jan 08, 2013
This is the perfect Ferrari
Treston Ott Jan 08, 2013
This is why Ferrari is my favorite
Jacob Mullner Jan 08, 2013
Looks mean
Paul Dickey Jan 09, 2013
This front with the 458 rear
Jacob Burford Jan 09, 2013
Prefer the 458, but still very nice car!
Pablo Herasme Jan 08, 2013
This would always be the Ferrari for me
Dylan Bruder Jan 08, 2013
I love the 430 always did
Dillon Dixon Jan 08, 2013
I prefer this to the 458 now. 6 months ago it was a different story. I lost interest in the 458 for some reason.
Brian Johnston Jan 08, 2013
Agreed!!! Favorite ferrari ever.
Justin McLeod Jan 08, 2013
Still my favorite even though the 458 is gorgeous!
Jackson Michael Jan 08, 2013
It's so hawt
Paul Dickey Jan 08, 2013
Nice ass
Treston Ott Jan 08, 2013
The exhaust sound on this car is like heaven
Mohamed Alhasan Jan 08, 2013
Still looks great
Mitchell Cherry Jan 08, 2013
This is where it's at!