Comments - Farah Drives VCMC Turbo Scion FR-S

Published: Jan 08, 2013
Description: In Matt Farah's first Tuned episode of 2013, the bulky slap-head invites Canada's VCMC Motorsports to bring its turbocharged Scion FR-S to California's Chuckwalla Raceway to see how the...
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Description: The nuts and bolts of the build include a motorsports-grade turbo kit and nine pounds of boost taking the two-liter boxer four up to 350 hp, a gutted interior, and KW Variant 3 coilovers. Let's h...
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Robin Douglas Dawson Jan 14, 2013
I can almost hear the EVO bro dawgs' rage.
Zach Gathercole Jan 10, 2013
@riley i like them but yea i agree
Riley Di Pol Jan 09, 2013
I'm so over the frs now they are way to hyped
Justin Routh Jan 09, 2013
Man this thing is awesome. My only complaint is the 4cyl sound i cant get past that. Beast of a track car though
Ben Knorr Jan 09, 2013
great show! nice heel & toe Matt!
Dave Larby Jan 08, 2013
Forged pistons are needed in these engines when adding turbos... The WRX/STI from about 2007 used hypereutectic pistons which tend to eat themselves.
Shane Carroll Jan 08, 2013
@Jason I think that's down to geography more than anything
Jason Bartlett Jan 08, 2013
This is why us canadians are on top!
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 08, 2013
Problem is you can't put boost on a stock boxter engine that it isn't meant to take it, after 2008 wrx and stis are known for spitting pistons, if you're gonna want a serious frs or gt86, swap out the engine for a built sti engine. That's my 2 cents
Edgar Jauregui Jan 08, 2013
every fr-s should come with 350 hp stock... jk great vid
Lizmary Mendoza Jan 08, 2013
Great video
JB Kolod Jan 08, 2013
Too much power for this car honestly
Lou Guerrero Jan 08, 2013
Bolted on a turbo last minute for tv time only for it to overheat. Farah's driving is improving. Rev matches are crisp.
Zach Gathercole Jan 10, 2013
If it were my money id take the frs cuz its the same thing pretty much but if it were free the brz
Paul Dickey Jan 09, 2013
I'd go brz
Geoff Novak Jan 08, 2013
This car and vinyl is amazing
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 08, 2013
I would take brz
Zach Gathercole Jan 10, 2013
I love those wheels they look good and theyre not real flashy or fancy
Lou Guerrero Jan 08, 2013
I think those are Mach Vs. good track wheels.
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 08, 2013
I dont like the wheels