Comments - Nissan Announces Qashqai 360

Published: Jan 07, 2013
Description: While some carmakers streamline their global product lines, Nissan offers a variety of different vehicles in different markets. And Nissan being Nissan, that includes a wide range of crossovers. In Eu...
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Dhruv Cb Jan 08, 2013
This thing is pronounced as cash cow
Tyler Ray DeFord Jan 07, 2013
Is the new Mondeo going to be the same as the new fusion because if so they might get some market share back.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Jan 07, 2013
What kind of name is that? Kind of like it, but odd.
Carlton Salmon Jan 07, 2013 more than two-to-one. The Mondeo is a very good car but it's been left languishing near the bottom of the class it had almost to itself, certainly in the UK anyway. We're Ford too complacent and caught napping?
Carlton Salmon Jan 07, 2013
Who'd have thought that a humble Japanese SUV would outsell the entire Ford Mondeo range? Ford UK owned the mid-size saloon segment for decades with the Cortina and Sierra. The Mondeo was outsold by the current market leader, the BMW 3-Series...
Sam Biggin Jan 08, 2013
Sam Biggin Jan 08, 2013
Nah this has been out for yers
Joshua Basse Jan 08, 2013
I have a feeling that after a few minor interior/exterior changes this will be the next generation Nissan Rogue.
Shelby Cassandra Jan 07, 2013
This is a horrible looking SUV.
Henz Herrero Jan 07, 2013
Well it must be good if outsold the entire mondeo lineup last year.. Hmm
Ahmed Barrasali Jan 07, 2013
Notice that Nissan & Renault shares designs , so the Nissan Europe designs means Renault designers.
Petro Maalouf Jan 07, 2013
Ugly as usual
Daniel Levy Jan 07, 2013
Front looks like a volvo..
Megan Moody Jan 07, 2013
It's a rogue or murano. Any of them really, all Nissan crossovers look alike.
Austin Whitener Jan 07, 2013
Looks like a kia
Clay Williams Jan 07, 2013
The exterior looks a few years behind.
Description: The equipment list is highlighted by a 360-degree around-view camera system that lets the driver see everything and anything that might be hiding in the blind spots that come with any crossover and in...
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Shane Prasad Jan 07, 2013
I like it.
Shaniqua Latisha Jan 07, 2013
Thats ur opinion sam
Andrew Palmer Jan 07, 2013
Is this the pathfinder in the US? I would rather see it called qashqi, or whatever than pathfinder...
Sam Biggin Jan 07, 2013
Beautiful?! What! It's boring. There are loads on the road souless motoring
Shaniqua Latisha Jan 07, 2013
Beautiful car
Megan Moody Jan 07, 2013
Sweeeeeeeeet roof rail.
Tyler Chess Jan 07, 2013
Looks like a mid 2000s Chrysler interior
Connor Short Jan 07, 2013
I hope you guys know that this is literally the exact interior of a Rogue
Shelby Cassandra Jan 07, 2013
Agreed. Just crap all around.
Megan Moody Jan 07, 2013
It's not dated. It's crap.
William Downs Jan 07, 2013
That word is dated and over used... just cause its not fancy dosnt mean its dated, its a budget cross over with a basic Nissan interior
Ryan Lopez Jan 07, 2013
David Guerrero Jan 07, 2013
I really like this! Haven't really seen manual cars other than sports, compacts, and small pick ups.
Henz Herrero Jan 07, 2013
Someone forgot to take their meds this morning..
Megan Moody Jan 07, 2013
It's got boo toof!