Comments - How Many Cheerleaders Fit in a Citigo?

Published: Jan 07, 2013
Description: The award-winning Skoda Citigo city car is renowned for its excellent fuel efficiency and Tardis-like dimensions, with a petite body that hides a particularly roomy cabin. But just how roomy is it? It...
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Description: They then squeeze into the hatchback with considerable aplomb. We won't give away how many ladies fit into the Citigo, but it's a lot more than you think. Answers on a postcard or in the com...
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Sharon Hope May 23, 2013
Schumacher was the stig
楊易安 Jan 07, 2013
are they all retired cheerleader?
Jordan Smith Jan 07, 2013
Not the best I've seen on Carbuzz.
Aaron Sparks Jan 07, 2013
Yikes. No thanks.
Brendan Bell Jan 07, 2013
They all look so old
Joe Talerico Jan 07, 2013
Not much here to cheer about.
Patrick Schalk Jan 07, 2013
Far right in the front. You guys can have the honey boo boos.