Comments - DRIVE Talks Charger and Daytona

Published: Jan 07, 2013
Description: Why do people love classic muscle cars? It's a question that may or may not have a definitive answer, but what we can all agree on is that they appeal to a certain type of car enthusiast. Mike Mu...
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Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Jan 07, 2013
A Daytona :D
Description: For today's episode, fellow Drive hosts Larry Kosilla and J.F. Musial get behind the wheel of Musto's cars, each having a personality all its own, but what they both share is the utter cooln...
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Alvaro Perez Jan 09, 2013
Please don't star a carbuzz fight
Wyatt Gordon Jan 09, 2013
Lou, dont talk down to me old guy.
Robert Robson Jan 08, 2013
But unlike the ricers of today that wing on the Daytona served a purpose
Shane Carroll Jan 08, 2013
@Lou actually, he's not too far off the mark. When they were first introduced a lot of the public found them ugly.
Lou Guerrero Jan 08, 2013
Wyatt, you may be a great gearhead one day but you've much history to learn young sir.
Byakka Hirakawa Jan 07, 2013
Why cant we just love all car for wat they r He speaks the truth, u truely show ur ignorance when u try to disrespect someones car Lets all try to get along carbuzz members
Wyatt Gordon Jan 07, 2013
Charger Daytona's are cool now, but I imagine they looked like such ricers when they were new
Lou Guerrero Jan 07, 2013
Musto's charger is badass. Stating the obvious but had to say it.
Dillon Dixon Jan 07, 2013
I have so much respect for this guy now. Seriously, you can just tell he loves cars. I would love to have his cars and drive them the way he does.
Tim Preisinger Jan 07, 2013
That is awesome!
Dillon Dixon Jan 07, 2013
Man this is insanely awesome. Job well done Mike!
Dillon Dixon Jan 07, 2013
Gotta love the plates. Angry and angrier!