Comments - Porsche Testing GT3 & Turbo at the Ring

Published: Jan 06, 2013
Description: The latest Porsche 911 is all well and fine. More than well and fine, actually, leaving little doubt that the 991-generation model is the best one yet. But what enthusiasts are really looking forward ...
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Description: One uses turbocharging (a trifecta of spools, according to speculation) and all-wheel drive, while the other sticks with natural aspiration and rear-wheel drive. Rather than develop one and then the o...
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Jimmy Case Jan 07, 2013
It was clearly not a joke tailored towards their performance everyone knows they can perform. I just honesty think that's what they look like! And matt if you think Asian cars are better than American you need your brain checked!
Ryan Faber Jan 06, 2013
you cant seriously call yourself a gear head and hate on such an amazing car. Even if the styling isnt your cup-a-tea you shouldnt hate on a car that has been highly sucessful for years. Especially with a car company that has had the same design language since the beginning.
Matt Piccolo Jan 06, 2013
@ jimmy, if u think these look like beetles, you seriously need to get ur eyes checked my friend!
Lou Guerrero Jan 06, 2013
Best-job-in-the-world-having SOB.
Edgar Jauregui Jan 06, 2013
wwowowow I've been starting to like Porsche more now and this makes me like them even more. They are going wickedly fast the entire time, dancing and sliding playfully but slightly. Great engineering work into the 911
Dillon Magee Jan 06, 2013
I can't wait for these to be unveiled. And they aren't anything like beetles, at least not any more
Ben Knorr Jan 06, 2013
I love what Porsche is doing with their cars, and I don't think anyone has ever confused one for being a beetle.
Jimmy Case Jan 06, 2013
If you've been keeping up with these posts about Porsche you would know it's a joke. The only thing I have against Porsche, they perform great, look like beetles.
John Serely Jan 06, 2013
@jimmy it is very obvious that you are just an ignorant fanboy who has something against Porsche.
Noah Gavurin Jan 06, 2013
jimmy, dont be a cunt
Jimmy Case Jan 06, 2013
Wow! VW is making hug handling strides for the beetle!
Harrison Armstrong Jan 06, 2013
I love how "alive" these cars look. They practically dance through the corners.
Pablo Herasme Jan 06, 2013
That GT3 looks rediculously fast into the corner
Pablo Herasme Jan 06, 2013
It will
John Serely Jan 06, 2013
I agree, Carlton
Thibault Leroy Jan 06, 2013
@Carlton agreed
Carlton Salmon Jan 06, 2013
I'm really looking forward to the new GT3 RS. I hope there'll be a manual option available.
Justin Chavez Jan 06, 2013
A GT3 with the new supposed PDK-S gearbox would be incredible!!
John Serely Jan 06, 2013
@bader yup, it's called camo
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 06, 2013
This picture of the turbo looks same as the 997 turbo