Comments - Peugeot 2008 Breaks Cover

Published: Jan 06, 2013
Description: The compact crossover market is an expanding segment for the world's automakers, and the PSA Peugeot Citroen group isn't about to let the Nissan Juke, Ford Kuga/Escape, Volkswagen Tiguan...
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Thibault Leroy Jan 08, 2013
Thats how they name their cars they have the 208, 2008,308,3008,4007,5008....
Josh X Williams Jan 06, 2013
@Megan Agreed.
Megan Moody Jan 06, 2013
A 2008 in 2013... Makes sense to someone. Lame name.
Thibault Leroy Jan 06, 2013
I remember seeing the fluoresent yellow one at the Paris auto show, it was the first thing you saw in the showroom
Jack Howard Jan 06, 2013
Same here
Farshad Broumand Jan 06, 2013
It reminds me of the SAAB suv can't remember the model number..
Theo Hubbard Jan 06, 2013
Yup. Subaru
Kyle McCullough Jan 06, 2013
Lol josh, was that supposed to be a text?
Keaton Schelir Jan 06, 2013
Never mind, the Outback was out 1st.
Keaton Schelir Jan 06, 2013
I see a ton of Subaru Outback in this, though was this concept or the current gen Outback the first to premiere?
Joshua Rutkowski Jan 06, 2013
Meatballs would be nice.
Joshua Rutkowski Jan 06, 2013
This actually looks really nice (for a Peugeot.)
Description: A taller version of the new 208 hatchback, the 2008 follows the concept's formula rather closely, but as you can see, it's ditched the show car's look-at-me detailing in favor of more p...
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Sam McCracken Jan 07, 2013
heaps of problems with the CVT gearboxes.
Bruno Clara Jan 07, 2013
Big , ugly , ridiculous , ford focus
Sam Biggin Jan 07, 2013
Another in a long long line of ugly Peugeots
Timothy Hooker Jan 06, 2013
totally Nissan pathfinder
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Jan 06, 2013
Nissan pathfinder ?
Aaron Sparks Jan 06, 2013
Looks really good.
AJ Smart Jan 06, 2013
Megan Moody Jan 06, 2013
Kia grill. Sort of.
Thibault Leroy Jan 06, 2013
Well theyre pretty different cars but you can definitly see the 208 styling cues in this
Nick Schnee Jan 06, 2013
Looking good! Better than the 208 for sure.