Comments - Unique of the Week: 1991 Alfa 164

Published: Jan 05, 2013
Description: For too long now we've been promised by parent-company Fiat that Alfa Romeo will soon be relaunched in the US market. Originally supposed to happen in 2011, that date is now looking to be sometim...
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Jerry Braithwaite Jan 06, 2013
I worked on the promotion of this car we took the 164 made some mods and took it to f1 races in europe,I still have a shirt the crew were wearing,this sure brings back memories.
Megan Moody Jan 05, 2013
That's all fiat wanted. Jeep, Ram and a distribution channel for fiat and Alfa. If dodge and Chrysler do well, fine. If not they will fold them. Obama's gift to his European friends. Didn't save American jobs that's for sure.
Drake Nailon Jan 05, 2013
Trickle sales of the 8C coupe and convertible, and the 4C are not going to satisfy us. They are already here, just not in realistic numbers. I want to know when I can go into an Alfa dealer and buy a car and not go to a specialist to track one down.
Mark Fei Ling Jan 05, 2013
I used to hear they will be back to US when I was playing NFS underground in Alfa Romeo Brera...
Josh X Williams Jan 06, 2013
I remember racing a car similar to this in Sega GT 2002. I always like the selection of Alfa Romeos in the game.
Simon Trépanier Jan 06, 2013
The Alfa Spider, the GTV and the Milano were sold is USA also!
David Lee Jan 06, 2013
@Blake The Alfa Romeo 164 was sold in the USA. I have seen a couple driving around.
Blake Antil Jan 05, 2013
I wish I could own an Alfa but they aren't sold in the US.
David Munasinghe Jan 05, 2013
Nice and clean. Can't find too many in this shape any more .
Jörgen Nilsson Jan 06, 2013
It certanly NOT was the equivalent to M5 at the time.
Sam Hansen Jan 06, 2013
My uncle had a couple of these things
Gray Conron Jan 05, 2013
My dad had one. It was his favorite car. Ever. He said he got compliments by almost everyone. It was the equivalent to an M5 back then.
Mark Fei Ling Jan 05, 2013
Such are bold design for family sedan and for that ago! And I always like Alfa's tail light!
Description: But another segment we're dying to see Alfa Romeo jump into for the US is that of the sport sedan. As much as we like German-built models like the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, the thought of having ...
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Sam Biggin Jan 06, 2013
159 was gorgeous
Description: What's interesting about it, however, is that it was the last model to be designed and engineered while Alfa Romeo was still an independent automaker. (Fiat took control of the automaker not long...
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Greg Lewis Jan 06, 2013
Only in PA! Lol
Lee Oleinick Jan 05, 2013
Looks like that 'Dealer' had to eat the inventory. Yuck
Description: Buyers could opt for either manual or automatic transmissions. Front-wheel drive was standard and all-wheel drive was optional. With an exterior design penned by famed Italian studio Pininfarina, ever...
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Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Feb 01, 2013
True they did but l if u av had the chance of driving any of them u wod know how different they drove n felt.l own a few Alfas n to say its not a proper Alfa is plain incorrect
Simon Trépanier Jan 05, 2013
The 164 shares is plate form with Saab 9000 and Fiat Chroma.... Some said Its not a real Alfa !
Description: Unless they were brand enthusiasts, mainstream buyers were afraid to touch anything Italian. Fiat's reputation back then wasn't any better. Those who did buy a 164 unquestionably made a soli...
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Andrew Della Foresta Jan 05, 2013
Black exterior or brown exterior and tan itnerior= BEAUTY
Graham Young Jan 07, 2013
For front-wheel-drive V6 It's a pretty nice looking engine
Carlton Salmon Jan 06, 2013
The V6 looks and sounds amazing. The 164 was one of the last mainstream cars with a great looking engine bay that wasn't covered in plastic boxes and covers. Shame we won't see engine bays like this anymore - only on supercars etc.
Sam Hansen Jan 06, 2013
This engine has been around forever
Drake Nailon Jan 05, 2013
I don't know. The 4 cylinders are pretty nice looking too.
Jommel Marcella Jan 05, 2013
I agree Redge.
Redge Diakité Jan 05, 2013
Not all the engines only the V6;)
Mark Fei Ling Jan 05, 2013
Alfa alway build good looking engine!
Graham Young Jan 07, 2013
Wow that's a lot of Buttons
Greg Lewis Jan 06, 2013
Nice seats!
Pablo Herasme Jan 05, 2013
The center console looks like a brick wall
Shaniqua Latisha Jan 05, 2013
This is what the tesla model s center console would have looked like back then
Janak Solanki Jan 05, 2013
You can stick on a nice new IPad on the center console for a refresh.
David Munasinghe Jan 05, 2013
I love to see a real stick shift.
Taylor Garry Jan 05, 2013
Oh my buttons
Mark Fei Ling Jan 05, 2013
The center console are so 80's
Description: All told, a little over 273,000 units were built by the time it was discontinued in 1998. It's a shame that America didn't see its potential. But this 1991 Alfa Romeo 164 that's now up ...
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Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Jan 10, 2013
They also made a four wheel drive Q4 but those are rare as hens teeth
Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Jan 10, 2013
I av one its a 24 valve Cloverleaf great car.lts a 1995 one of the last ones they made.Even today it's a very quick car always surprise a few new cars like my friends bmw 330ci
Carlton Salmon Jan 06, 2013
An Alfa Romeo 164 with a 3.0 litre V6 and a five-speed manual - perfect spec right there. There was a sportier version with a bodykit and stiffer suspension - I think it was called the Lusso but I'm sure someone will correct me on that one.
Justin Johnson Jan 06, 2013
The waviest I've ever seen!
Justin Johnson Jan 06, 2013
Not one body panel matches the other.