Comments - Jay Leno Drives a Hurst Challenger

Published: Jan 05, 2013
Description: Fans of Mopar and anything Challenger-related will immediately know the Hurst name, known as it is for custom Dodges. As a Mopar fan himself, Leno is the owner of two Challengers, an original 1970 Hem...
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Luke Gordon Jan 20, 2013
Just saying I don't think it would be illegal in Oklahoma. There's no emissions checks here. I've been running without the "cats" on my exaust for several years and havent had a problem
Greg Lewis Jan 06, 2013
A new flavor. A hurst camero would of been great too.
Cory Poteet Jan 06, 2013
What Dodge did Hurst do? I know they did a bunch of Olds, an AMC Rambler, and a Jeepster. I looked it up and found a Chrysler, but no Dodge
Description: This Hurst Performance Challenger has a little over 570 horsepower and 525 lb-ft of torque thanks to a new Vortex supercharger. Packing some added interior bits (note the Hurst shifter), this is an un...
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Jake Knickmeyer Jan 06, 2013
Megan is moody again.
Noah Gavurin Jan 06, 2013
the challenger should have had 570 hp to start with anyway
Jonathan Ippolito Jan 05, 2013
Still inferior to the Camaro !
Mike Bakhsheshi Jan 05, 2013
You know he would have raced the bimmer off camera. :)
Jordan Jackson Jan 05, 2013
I just can't remember what his last name was
Jordan Jackson Jan 05, 2013
Carlos if you think he's trolling, you haven't seen Adam (corvette fanboy, for those who remember), lol
Megan Moody Jan 05, 2013
The fact this hack makes so much is proof of how F'd up the world is. The tonight show hasn't been funny in decades. If you think it is funny there is no hope for you. AND BUY ANOTHER SHIRT JAY!!!
Lou Guerrero Jan 05, 2013
Fast, clean car. I like.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Jan 05, 2013
Quinn don't be a troll. He didn't even "smashes the gas"
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 05, 2013
They could build the car with lightweight composite materials but on the road I wouldn't feel safe in it, imagine if it was built like those steel whips back then. Lol
Quinn Conner Jan 05, 2013
Favorite part... 9:10 "between 50 and 70 is really where this car pulls". *mashes gas. (Doesn't pull away from the Chevy Tahoe. And next clip tahoe is still there. Lol)
Joshua Trillizio Jan 05, 2013
Jay looks like he was up all night doing blow
Jimmy Case Jan 05, 2013
He grosses about 17,000,000 a year from the show coupled with endorsements etc. brings him to around 32,000,000 annually.
Jimmy Case Jan 05, 2013
No he has a long running late night show on television.
Will Will Jan 05, 2013
Can someone tell me what jay leno does for a living? I dont think he hosts car shows for a living, because that would not get him enough money to own all the cars he presents.
Jimmy Case Jan 05, 2013
None of that was directed to that video just me ranting about how the challengers body config needs to be brought up to par.
Jimmy Case Jan 05, 2013
If they would just redo the weight, weight distribution and overall groundedness of the car this wouldn't be a bad car. Dodge realizes it doesn't have the capability to handle and perform with Camaro and mustang so they make a bigger engine? Haha
Quinn Conner Jan 05, 2013
I like you jay Leno, but your car presentation is weak and informative. Your editing team needs to stop recreating the same exhaust sound clips
chubbyman Jan 05, 2013
best car
ejc6 Feb 28, 2013
Jay has every car except the Chrysler turbine
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Jan 05, 2013
Jay Lenos garage is my dream location. Guy has every car imaginable. Some serious collection in his hands
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 05, 2013