Comments - Godfather Lincolns Heading to Auction

Published: Jan 05, 2013
Description: A pair of 1941 Lincolns that featured in the award-winning 1972 mafia flick The Godfather will be crossing the auction block this month at Bonham's Stockdale Auction. The 1941 Lincoln Custom Limo...
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Sam Hansen Jan 06, 2013
Zac D'Anna Jan 06, 2013
Where are the bullet holes?
Shaniqua Latisha Jan 05, 2013
That was good jimmy works perfectly
Jimmy Case Jan 05, 2013
I'm going to make them an offer they can't refuse....
Description: The V12-powered Continental Coupe featured in the infamous tollbooth scene where Mafioso heir-apparent Sonny Corleone meets a bloody end at the hands of Tommy Gun-wielding soldiers who dutiful riddle ...
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Description: Bonham's have not given a pre-auction estimate for the movie cars that are being offered without reserve. The auction will take place on 17 January at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, Scotts...
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Howard Ding Jan 06, 2013
Such beauties!
Ryan Faber Jan 05, 2013
Thomas Isnt Green Jan 06, 2013
Looks kind of crusty needs a bit of cleaning
Chris Gaines Jan 05, 2013
Ryan Lopez Jan 05, 2013
Why no commets
Austin Whitener Jan 05, 2013
Oh my srry lost 5 cylinders
Brian Themoparguy Jan 05, 2013
Lincoln V-12 PowerHouse! By the standards of the era.......
Phil Johnson Jan 05, 2013
Better count again ;D
Austin Whitener Jan 05, 2013
Omg an Lincoln flat head v8 fav
Graham Young Jan 06, 2013
But I really wish Ford would've continued that awesome legacy
Graham Young Jan 06, 2013
How freaking cool is that !! I really really wish Lincoln would have continued the large sedan with the V12 Marquis It's really a shame where ford Let the Lincoln go I mean the town car was great Excellent in fact
Brian Themoparguy Jan 05, 2013
Very cool engine. V-12!