Comments - Skoda Releases Laurin & Klement Edition Yeti

Published: Jan 04, 2013
Description: Skoda may be known as "the poor man's Audi", offering the same European engineering at far more accessible prices. But that doesn't mean Skoda doesn't know how to amp up the l...
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Megan Moody Jan 04, 2013
Better than that rebadged vw Chrysler van they sell here. I can't believe people buy those.
Syafiq Hakim Jan 04, 2013
Nice choice of colours..
Jacob Burford Jan 04, 2013
Great car! I wish they sold the whole Skoda brand in Canada!
Carlton Salmon Jan 04, 2013
I love the Yeti - looks great murdered out too!
Alex Bouckley Jan 04, 2013
I wish they sold the Yeti here
Cory Allen Jan 04, 2013
Ford Explorer + Kia Soul
Description: The treatment has previously been applied to the Octavia and Superb sedans, but Skoda has just announced a new Laurin & Klement edition of the Yeti. For those unfamiliar, the Yeti is a compact cr...
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Kyle McCullough Jan 04, 2013
Can we trade all the jukes for a couple Yetis?
Syafiq Hakim Jan 04, 2013
Different from what I expected..this is more likely to be luxury car..
Syafiq Hakim Jan 04, 2013
Perfect leather stiched..