Posted on: Jan 04, 2013
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Range Rover & Airstream Drive from UK to Morocco

Epic road trip pairs British SUV and American trailer for a luxurious 3,700 miles to the Atlas Mountains and back again.
Our idea of an ideal road trip would of course involve a powerful grand tourer, as little luggage as possible and nothing else but the open road. But if you're determined to take a trailer along with you on your road trip, we could think of few better ways to go than with an Airstream trailer towed behind a Range Rover. Though Airstreams are about as iconically American as can be, they have a strong following overseas as well. And more European buyers choose to tow theirs behind a Land Rover SUV than any other.

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To demonstrate how well the two pair together for an epic trans-continental journey, Land Rover hitched the new two-and-a-half-ton Airstream 684 Series 2 to the latest top-of-the-line Range Rover Autobiography SDV8. The journey started in the UK, almost as far north as Scotland, where Airstream prepares its trailers for European delivery, taking them all the way to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and back again. The trip took 11 days and covered nearly 3,700 miles, but the Range Rover and Airstream combo reportedly gobbled up the miles with aplomb and in the height of luxury.

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