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Published: Jan 31, 2013
Description: Top Gear just had its season 19 premiere a few days back (don't dare call it Top Gear UK, it is the original after all), and it seems won't be long before Top Gear USA returns to the airwave...
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A.J. Brady Feb 01, 2013
@Alex, Top Gear (uk) premieres the new season on Monday on BBC America. Top Gear US premiered its new season on Tuesday on the History channel.
Alex Bouckley Jan 31, 2013
I watch it for the Dacia Sandero
Trey Reilly Jan 31, 2013
I don't think the entire season will be the guys running around on stupid cars breaking shit. (I hope not anyway.). That's just one piece of what makes Top Gear good. I watch it mainly for the industry news.
Alex Bouckley Jan 31, 2013
Exactly Tyler. Has the new season of original Top Gear premiered in the US?
Tyler Tarbox Jan 31, 2013
Top Gear UK needs to do a challenge series against Top Gear US like they did with the Germans and Australians
Taylor Garry Jan 31, 2013
I only like the few episodes that involve trucks, but I'll enjoy almost any show on trucks. The only guy worth listening to is tanner, I hate how the other 2 have nothing to do with cars, and act like a couple of pussies all the time
Emilio Ortiz Jan 31, 2013
Top gear USA sucks
Drew Humphrey Jan 31, 2013
I feel bad that Top Gear US kinda failed. But then again it shouldn't have been a thing in the first place. Now with TGUK premiering only a week later in the US, why watch it?
Ashton Summers Jan 31, 2013
Will this be the first time US top gear left the states to do a shoot?
Aaron Crisp Jan 31, 2013
their* (suck it grammar Nazi's)
Aaron Crisp Jan 31, 2013
They should replace the chubby dude with Matt Farah. I still like Top Gear America though, it's nice to see trucks and more American cars featured. Can't beat the original though, and I don't believe that was there intention.
Tino Domingue Jan 31, 2013
So trying to fit; car in a reasonably price car, the news, n a flat out review... Is kinda of hard to fit in with out feeling rushed. Not to mention I see this formula gives the trio's personality to react better to each other = funnier moments!
Tino Domingue Jan 31, 2013
Hmm, lets just get something out of the way here... Top gear runs for about 50-60min, wid commercials (in the states) that comes out to an hr n 3min... Top gear US only runs for of 30-40min... Wid commercial that's an hr...
Ben Fournier Jan 31, 2013
This garbage hasnt been cancelled yet?
Tho MA Jan 31, 2013
I been watching top gear for many years now. When top gear US came out i was excited to see the show. Besides Tanner, i have no clue who the other two guys are. Never heard or seen before and they are so boring to watch. No chemistry between them
Lou Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
If it involves cars in someway, I'll watch it. TG US is fine by me,
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 31, 2013
I'm all for America, but these guys make me cringe. Top Gear England is way better.
Nick Sti Jan 31, 2013
I love these sorts of challenges. IMO, I couldn't care less about celebrities. Plus there are car magazines that do unbiased reviews.
Michael Horne Jan 31, 2013
The first couple seasons were neat, what with the celebrity lap times and the reviewing super cars and such...but this format of 'let's pick crap cars and make the guys do stupid stuff' is NOT what I want to watch at all.
John Patten Jan 31, 2013
@ Jordan yes. Top gear us sucks.
Jordan Nutt Jan 31, 2013
Top Gear USA doesnt even review new cars as evedent in there latest show. They have lost the concept as to why TOP GEAR is so great in the first place.Top Gear USA just pics some random cars and film there trip. TOP GEAR reviews new sports cars and super cars and still films there trips.
Anan Hafez Mar 27, 2013
Petro Maalouf Jan 31, 2013
Ayre fikon w fi
Mason Schelb Jan 31, 2013
Love the fenders
Austin Bride Jan 31, 2013
Seem like its be rather bouncy. They run super low pressure in those tires
Lou Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
I wonder how well these trucks jump...
Tracy Keiser Dron Jan 31, 2013
The nicehst out of three
Chris Huff Jan 31, 2013
very niceh
Patrick Schalk Jan 31, 2013
Description: At around the same time, Tanner Foust confirmed the show was in Iceland through an Instagram update. But what's important here is what they're driving. Hooniverse reports that Foust is behin...
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Lou Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
Tanner posted a pic of an Ford Excursion too
Brendan Bell Jan 31, 2013
If you look at the picture you'll see that it's actually a Chevy pickup
Drew Humphrey Jan 31, 2013
Clearly they didn't have a budget. The UK guys have made it across many CONTINENTS in budget cars.
Ryan Lopez Jan 31, 2013
Hey international my dad has one (pickup)
Aaron Crisp Feb 01, 2013
Sand tired would be paddles. These are snow.
Sam Hansen Jan 31, 2013
No I recognize them, they're made by a company called Arctic Trucks and are specifically designed for heavy snow use. No sand tires would be studded.
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 31, 2013
Actually there designed for sand thats why there so wide so I guess that should work perfect for snow too
Lou Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
I think they're specifically designed for ice and snow.
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 31, 2013
Awesome those tires were popular about 20 yrs ago way before the big wheel craz like both styles tho
Taylor Garry Jan 31, 2013
Yeah haha nothing wrong with a carhartt
Ashton Summers Jan 31, 2013
A redneck's wet dream.
Trevor Bodi Jan 31, 2013
They said GMC Sierra. Come on. There's a bowtie.
Aaron Crisp Jan 31, 2013
@Tara Hey leave my jacket out of this, I'm a working man.. Keeps me warm haha
Johnny Hoover Jan 31, 2013
So bad a$$
Tara Fitria Jan 31, 2013
Complete with carhart jacket.
Drew Storrusten Jan 31, 2013
Wait, make note. This is the first Chevy pickup Ferrara has driven. Hahahahaha .
Patrick Schalk Jan 31, 2013
I want this one.
Johnny Hoover Jan 31, 2013
Ford must pay him to much so he can't drive anything else lol
Patrick Schalk Jan 31, 2013
Like a boss
Tino Domingue Jan 31, 2013
Nice orange jacket to go with the orange truck
Caner Ozdemir Jul 24, 2013
I was just recently in iceland, lol
Treston Ott Feb 06, 2013
No it's what they usually do in these challenges. Whoevers truck breaks down first has to drive the import (the Toyota)
Austin Bride Jan 31, 2013
Toyota must be the filming truck
Mike Carbaugh Jan 31, 2013
Il take the chevy