Comments - Mopar 2013 Dart Headed for Chicago

Published: Jan 31, 2013
Description: Dodge has revealed a new limited-edition Mopar Dart ahead of its public debut at next week's 2013 Chicago Auto Show. Continuing a tradition that started back in 2009 when Chrysler partnered with ...
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Stephane Rioux Jan 31, 2013
this car is the very definition of rice... OEM style... all show and no go.... lame
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 31, 2013
Kinda stupid
Dale Schroeder Jan 31, 2013
These days a "special edition" mainstream car is little more than a dress-up kit and decal package meant to get a little more publicity.
Wayne Joseph Borean Jan 31, 2013
WTF - they didn't add any power! Special car = Special engine If the engine isn't upgraded, why buy the car?
Devin Tuckey Jun 30, 2013
Omg I love dodge so much
Trent Griffin Feb 03, 2013
They shoulda put the SRT -4 engine in it....what a waste.
Antonio Falsetti Jan 31, 2013
I'd buy it as a daily driver.
Mark A. Young Jan 31, 2013
I've actually driven one of these with the 1.4 liter and the turbo. It's not slow at all, and the interior is far greater than most cars in its class.
Ray Moreno Jan 31, 2013
Boring? I see this car and my eyes are busy and I drool. Yes it's a base dart with a multi air fiat 500 engine. The extra "goodies" , color scheme and package you get. Tell us figures! How much???
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 31, 2013
vvv yep
Ashton Summers Jan 31, 2013
I wouldn't buy one, but then neither would I buy any other car in its category of "basic transportation/first car." That being said, it's not a bad little car in a class of vanilla boring.
Aaron Crisp Jan 31, 2013
And what I meant by not needing engine upgrades is why would you dump money into the engine? Want performance? You have the wrong car haha
Aaron Crisp Jan 31, 2013
I'll take it, I don't need much for engine upgrades... I mean it's a turbo 1.4 liter 4 cylinder. I would drive the piss out of it everyday as a good DD. I'll keep the gas money I save on my weekend warrior. These things are great for what they are.
Ray Moreno Jan 31, 2013
Man all those extras in interior and for performance? Not just the engine slotted rotors , suspension , glossed rims etc etc. Probably won't see one on the road. I wonder about the sticker price.
Henz Herrero Jan 31, 2013
Im assuming they put the tuning responsibilities to the owner.. Imagine sitting at the light next to this and it still sporting the stock 1.4 turbo..
Cory Olner Jan 31, 2013
They should just stop now before this gets any worse. This car is a slow piece of junk. Who does dodge think they are fooling with the stripe?
Eric Michalak Jan 31, 2013
They are good looking cars. Saying a peppy little practical cant be American is ignorant and stupid.
Max Jabaay Jan 31, 2013
I can't wait for an SRT-4
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 31, 2013
This little cars have a lot of bang for the buck
Kyle Rawn Jan 31, 2013
Well that wasn't very niceh.
Tyler Wallace Jan 31, 2013
-_- you guys can't be American
Matt Piccolo Jan 31, 2013
Looks pretty damn good for what it is!!!
Rob Clark Jan 31, 2013
It's Mopar or no car!
Jamie Mcpherson Jan 31, 2013
Meh, at least it's better than the neon!
Donald Chip Schofield Jan 31, 2013
Looks boss
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 31, 2013
I would love to own a dart with the 1.4 turbo and the six speed as a dd
Description: The Mopar Dart is further distinguished by a ground-effects kit made up of a front-chin spoiler, one-piece deck-lid spoiler and an aggressive rear diffuser. Gloss-black 18-inch alloys, a Mopar badge i...
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Author Norman R. Colson Feb 01, 2013
There is no such thing as a perfect car, Japanese, American, German all cars have their flaws and problems. I like dodge because aesthetically they look awesome and perform well I think in terms of quality they have come up!
Joshua Basse Feb 01, 2013
They range from 2002's to about 2008. I know they have improved greatly recently, but I just haven't gained trust back yet. Just like GM for me also. I do not trust them right now because I have an 03 Chevy right now and it has had many problems.
Brian Themoparguy Feb 01, 2013
If they do release a true SRT 4 variant Then I'll look into it as the 05 I have is great fun once fully modded for higher boost
Brian Themoparguy Feb 01, 2013
Thanks but no thanks, ill stick with my 70's Muscle Car. A dodge Dart GTS with a 408 stroker V-8......... A completely different and higher performance than the 4 banger they call dart ( really a new designed neon)
Aaron Crisp Feb 01, 2013
It's a hit and miss. Bad cars and good cars. I'd say all American automakers are up to par with each other, and maybe even nearly at Japanese standards.
Paul Dickey Feb 01, 2013
@Joshua Are the cars older or newer?
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 01, 2013
I haven't had any problems with my car... So far. Lol. The only thing I had was the overheating pipe. Lol
Joshua Basse Jan 31, 2013
Although I do not agree with how Max approached the subject I would say I would never buy a Dodge. Most people I know that have Dodges have had quite a few problems with them. I am really not a fan, but every one has the right to a respectful opinion
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 31, 2013
I'm almost done with my payments on my charger next yr im gonna flip that and get my challenger... THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH AMERICAN CARS! shut your hole MAX!
Ray Moreno Jan 31, 2013
Max Dell = crap and ill opinions
Dylan Porteous Jan 31, 2013
I agree with Aaron, everyone deserves an opinion about brands but yours are bull sh#t.
Aaron Crisp Jan 31, 2013
Nearly every comment you make is negative. And your comment just makes you look like an ignorant fool, keep it to yourself next time.
Max Dell Jan 31, 2013
Pos! Never buy dodge! That American brand should've dried up in the recession!
Description: The dash boasts a serialized badge, the steering wheel and shifter knob are wrapped in blue-stitched leather, and the cars' lucky 500 owners will also get Chrysler's industry-first wireless ...
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Joe Bundy Oct 15, 2013
The 1.4 turbo def gets 40mpg highway I have one n get 40 with the ac on
Ryaus123 Apr 16, 2013
has a nice rear end!!
Paul Dickey Feb 01, 2013
This American car is probably best in it's category. Looks aside. Interior is awesome
Jordan Smith Jan 31, 2013
Which I find to be kinda stupid, because if you opened your eyes and payed attention to them now, you'd see they're a hella lot better than before and definitely compete with other brands.
Jordan Smith Jan 31, 2013
David just doesn't like American cars because of bad experiences with them.
Aaron Crisp Jan 31, 2013
in it's class. And it's a brand new car, first one based on a Fiat platform. The bugs and that will work themselves out over time. If I was to get a new eco- sedan it would be between this and a Jette TDI. I'm a sucker for diesels.
Aaron Crisp Jan 31, 2013
I my 01 Focus gets 35 I'm positive I can get these up to 40. Real world driving can usually be higher than EPA estimate depending how you drive. And define better? Looks are subjective but the interior in this car is spectacular compare to other cars
David Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
They don't, that is advertised, but it doesn't.
Tony Bügel Jensen Jan 31, 2013
Wish it was available in Europe
Mark A. Young Jan 31, 2013
The rear is the greatest part! And no the 1.4 turbo does not get 40mpg but the others really do.
David Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
@Aaron, don't believe everything you see on TV. This car does not get 40 mpg, maybe downhill on neutral, this will barely get you 35 on the highway, 25 in the city in realistic terms
David Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
Because almost every car in this category is better. Besides these cars don't last very long, a lot of electrical and mechanical problems.
Aaron Crisp Jan 31, 2013
@Tyler For people who can't afford the gas guzzling Charger SRT8, and to be economical. Don't know why there's so much hate, it's good for what it is. Can't argue with 40 MPG and not a hybrid!
Tyler Wallace Jan 31, 2013
Smh there is nothing else to say besides no no no why do we make theses sissy ass cars ugh
Matt Piccolo Jan 31, 2013
Yea, it's always been my least fav car. I'm not a fan of the lights that stretch all the way across the back
Nick Sti Jan 31, 2013
Is anyone else turned off by the back if this car?
Tony Flaherty Jan 31, 2013
So this is the only view of the interior? C'mon car buzz
Kyle McCullough Jan 31, 2013
Why would they use LED headlights on their economy car? Maybe the limited, yes. But there's no reason for this to have leds
Ray Moreno Jan 31, 2013
You tell them (Dodge) Muhammad.
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Jan 31, 2013
Dodge still using bulbs at front!! Lol Please someone tell them LED's exist now.....