Comments - Helicopter Lands on Russian Highway

Published: Jan 31, 2013
Description: Earlier this week it was a tank and now a helicopter is making use of a public highway in Russia. Seriously, what the f*ck is up with this country? Obviously a lot of things and it seems as if drivers...
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Max Müller Feb 01, 2013
@ Dre Rocket!/UFO/ ISS...
Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Feb 01, 2013
@Aaron that's the one @ Thibault ur rite tho Russia looks like a scary place to drive
Aaron Crisp Feb 01, 2013
I remember that, the one where the retired army guy goes on base and steals a tank.. Turning into a police chase where he was just running over tons of cars and that? And he tried ramming a bridge? Hahaha
Dre Richh Jan 31, 2013
First plane crash on highway, Then tank drives on highway now helicopter ..... Whats next Russia?
Thibault Leroy Jan 31, 2013
@Leonard yes but like you said that was in the 90's and we can agree it was an isolated accident whereas this stuff happens everyday in Russia
Frederick Perez Jan 31, 2013
Tank the other day and now this, what's next? Lol
Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Jan 31, 2013
Actually didnt someone steal a tank in the USA in the late 90s caused a lot of damage in a police chase.He got shot in the end only way to stop him.
Matt Piccolo Jan 31, 2013
@ nick, have u ever seen a tank randomly drive across a high way in the states? Didn't think so lol
Matt Piccolo Jan 31, 2013
I agree. Wtf is up with this country
Drew Humphrey Jan 31, 2013
In flight training you're told not to crash land on a highway because of power lines. But this is Russia,
Justin Johnson Jan 31, 2013
I'm kinda glad I live in the states. It sounds like they can't wait for GTAV to come out either.
Description: But it wasn't a major emergency landing since the helicopter took off after less than a minute. The Russian drivers don't seem to be shocked in the least throughout the whole thing. In fact ...
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Mark Zed Feb 03, 2013
In rusia wiper blades are expensive....
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 31, 2013
Just me?? Or does every car in Russia need a dashboard camera standard....
Austin Bride Jan 31, 2013
The music in the background just made me think "helicopter party".
James Riegleman Jan 31, 2013
Why are Russian videos so insane?
Cian Mac Gearailt Jan 31, 2013
I started to wonder recently are russians. Just crazy drivers or do they just film things that happen on all roads. I started to doubt this theory though when i saw the tank and now the helicopter. Its safe to assure russians are mental drivers.
Эммануил Гедеонович Jan 31, 2013
Yes, it was a rescue helicopter. One guy was harmed overe there
Cergey Maester Jan 31, 2013
ambulance helicopter probably
Gligor Ovidiu Jan 31, 2013
The helicopter landed to let a few people on the land, because there was a car waiting for them with the hazards on.
Nick Chiaravalle Jan 31, 2013
First it's a tank, drunk driver, now a Helicopter landing in the highway
Chris Huff Jan 31, 2013
the only time i ever saw something like this happen is when a cessna plane was landed and towed on i-75. at least i doesnt happen every week
Will Peters Jan 31, 2013
This guy in the car needs better winshield wipers
Rami Al Saadi Jan 31, 2013
Michael , Agree with you
Michael Riley Jan 31, 2013
I'm gonna go with it had something to do with drugs and money and it was an exchange of some sort...
Arthur Erlend Harvey Feb 01, 2013
Meh. Looks like the chopper is just dropping off passengers to the waiting car...