Comments - Harris Hoons Clarkson's 458 Spider

Published: Jan 31, 2013
Description: Banned from test driving Ferraris following his controversial "How Ferrari Spins" treatise in which he accused the Italian carmaker of rigging its press cars, if British auto-journo Chris Ha...
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David Hicks Feb 01, 2013
Great call Justin, keep them coming champ
Justin Johnson Feb 01, 2013
What a bunch of tools
Jon Ashley Jan 31, 2013
Don't like the gold wheels, thats for sure. Amazing car, as always.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 31, 2013
Just another perk of the greatest job on earth...
Shaniqua Latisha Jan 31, 2013
Justin. You got told you fucking dumbass
Wyatt Gordon Jan 31, 2013
I do, however, like the Coupe better for the 458.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 31, 2013
Justin, haha you are so jealous of Clarkson. And also, convertibles are not girls cars, you frickin idiot. I actually prefer convertibles alot of the time.
Nick Benz Jan 31, 2013
Even though Clarkson,Hammond, & May may not speak for everyone, it is probably important to note what cars they buy for themselves. Especially when their job is to test drive cars.
David Hicks Jan 31, 2013
Haha Justin is bitter at the fact when he wakes up in the morning he isn't a Top Gear presenter...
Lou Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
Harris owns a 599.
Eric Michalak Jan 31, 2013
May had a grey 430. Did he get a yellow 458?
Matt Marchant Jan 31, 2013
They wouldn't ban Clarkson. He is a self confessed Ferrari lover and for years has given them pretty great press on a television show viewed by millions of people.
Paul Trahan Jan 31, 2013
Clarkson deals with extremes and will say anything to get him noticed. He isn't the word of law and truth.
Aislin Cooper Jan 31, 2013
Maybe Ferrari will ban Clarkson now
Jackson Michael Jan 31, 2013
Hey he had 1
Justin Johnson Jan 31, 2013
Roof off = easier to get in
Justin Johnson Jan 31, 2013
So there we have it. Euro cars, it's cool. I'm surprised he can fit in any of them.
Jacob Lerklint Jan 31, 2013
Clarkson has a sls, c63 black, FYI He sold his Ford gt
Harrison Trapnell Jan 31, 2013
But Clarkson always goes on about how the SLS + SLS Convertible is much better than the 458 + 458 Spider, so why did he buy a 458? Still, at least he didn't get it in Yellow, like James May did.
Redge Diakité Jan 31, 2013
@Justin He said that the Ford GT is one of the best cars ever ;)
Jackson Michael Jan 31, 2013
Someones a little pissy this morning. He already owns a Ford GT which is pretty American
Justin Johnson Jan 31, 2013
He talks so much trash about US vehicles, yet he purchases convertibles/targa. Give me a fixed roof coupe over any topless exotic. Girl...
Daniel Anglevik Jan 31, 2013
Have Jeremy sold his Gallardo Spyder LP520 ?
Description: The review is clearly well overdue, but Monkey provides a unique take on the 458 Spider by "driving it like an idiot." Expert analysis and driving as always, and plenty of nice words for the...
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Mike Renaut Feb 03, 2013
I must have missed the bit where he drives like a complete idiot... He's getting the back out on a track and, aside from going wide on one corner several times, in complete control of the car throughout.
Janak Solanki Feb 01, 2013
No one else could do it better. Another great vid from Chris Harris.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 01, 2013
Nick, youre an idiot. 458 is so much better than that boring McLaren
William Downs Feb 01, 2013
If your car can't take some abuse without breaking its a piece of shit and no better then a Daewoo and deffinatly not worth the price
William Downs Feb 01, 2013
I'm sorry but if I owned a Ferrari wouldn't care hoon the shit out of it, its gonna break whether u baby it or not, might as well enjoy the car to the full extent till it breaks... its a car and it was meant to be driven not pampered like a Beverly hills house wife
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 01, 2013
Whoever just bought the spider would be so regretful when monte Carlo spider comes out ... Hahahaaha
Tho MA Jan 31, 2013
If i ever own a ferrari 1) i would not loan it out 2) (if i was out of my mind and did loan it out) i would be one pissed off mofo if someone did drive my ferrari like that Cool video though great driving
Ashton Summers Jan 31, 2013
Looks like Chris may be buying another Ferrari.
Nathan Alexander Orlando Kelly Jan 31, 2013
Aw love watching +400k on wheels :D
Jason J Roberts Jan 31, 2013
He drove the hell out of that car. Bravo!!
Ray Moreno Jan 31, 2013
Ran it now they're slicked lol.
Lou Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
aaaand now Clarkson needs new tires. He really made that car his bitch haha
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 31, 2013
I think this is where a british guy would say "bang on, jolly good show" HA
Nick Schnee Jan 31, 2013
Or you just buy an MP4 and have a much better car.
Pablo Herasme Jan 31, 2013
60k can get me a 09 GTR
Jacob Lerklint Jan 31, 2013
Holy shit.. Options for over 60k?! Thats sounds really weird and stupid.. You can buy a really nice car for that. Even if you have money 60k is alot just for options
Jake Judges Jan 31, 2013
Lol how many people can say they've done this
Tifa Morsi Jan 31, 2013
One of my favorite test drivers
Jordan Nishida Jan 31, 2013
Love it. But I would take the coupe instead of the convertible.
Jacob Burford Jan 31, 2013
Very pretty!
Jake Judges Jan 31, 2013
Wyatt Gordon Jan 31, 2013
I agree with Stephen
Jt Collier Jan 31, 2013
i actually prefer the spider. it just loiks mote dynamic
Justin Johnson Jan 31, 2013
Yes, it looks old hhere
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 31, 2013
It's so much better as a hardtop