Comments - Birthday Drift Ends in Tears

Published: Jan 31, 2013
Description: We all have our own idea of what constitutes a cool way to celebrate getting one year closer to death. Some like to go out and party, others prefer low-key affairs surrounded by close friends and fami...
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Eisa Mohammed Feb 01, 2013
Carbuzz articles add a "lot" of spice in their context, just like how entertaining it is to read an article with nice sense of humor
Ryan Lopez Feb 01, 2013
Both paragraphs are funny
Dylan Bruder Jan 31, 2013
Last paragraph lol
Description: En route, however, the plan takes a drastic turn for the worst.Instead of cruising to pick up some nuggets and fries, the birthday boy thinks it a better idea to drift his old man's motor in the ...
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Tracy Keiser Dron Feb 01, 2013
Russians can drive and are better then lots of drivers out there, I'd say Americans aren't better!!!
Jackthorn Morknoy Feb 01, 2013
It's a Nissan Tiida with GTR engine and 370z rwd system lol...
Rithhin Jawahar Feb 01, 2013
It's like The gods sent the hooligans who could drive well to The middle-east and the rest to Russia lol
Eric Massey Feb 01, 2013
What is it about Russians that makes them incapable of driving??
Josh Welborn Jan 31, 2013
In Soviet Russia, you no drive car, car drive you.
Dave Stewart Jan 31, 2013
Nissan ftw haha
Trevor Humphrey Jan 31, 2013
Gerald Nava Jan 31, 2013
Well that escalated quickly! Hahah
Tracy Keiser Dron Jan 31, 2013
One of them says, we shoulda went to McDonald's instead.... The drivers says, tell them I got cut off by another driver... Hahahahas
Tho MA Jan 31, 2013
Go home, lie to mom and dad; "road was icy and slippery lost control of car nobody got hurt". After post video on youtube so you can be ridicule by millions
Mason Schelb Jan 31, 2013
Drew Humphrey Jan 31, 2013
Why does that guy's phone have a tail
Ashton Summers Jan 31, 2013
Wouldn't have crashed if it weren't for the techno music.
Rico Turner Jan 31, 2013
Epic FAIL on all accounts. What's with Russians and always filming while driving?
Trevor Bodi Jan 31, 2013
"It'll buff out" hahah
Oleg Odessit Jan 31, 2013
Kids, well better that 24/7 facebook, and then go shoot some random people
David Hicks Jan 31, 2013
Didn't know a Nissan Tiida could drift?
Dylan Bruder Jan 31, 2013
This is what happens when you try to drift a versa
Dale Schroeder Jan 31, 2013
Here's your birthday present son... the repair bill for the new bumper, and this month's insurance bill since you and your dumb friends made my premiums go up.
Ray Moreno Jan 31, 2013
LOL oh Russians and techno in the Nissan Versa drifting...
Stephen Cobbs Jan 31, 2013
Its a Nissan Versa you can find a new bumper at the nearest Thrift Store.
Lou Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
Is that what 4 young men crammed into an econo-box listen to? Failure on 2 levels.
Lou Guerrero Jan 31, 2013
Forsberg doin work.