Comments - Koenigsegg Gives Agera R a Million-Dollar Feel

Published: Jan 30, 2013
Description: In the fourth installment of Drive's exclusive inside look at Swedish supercar builder Koenigsegg, company founder Christian Von Koenigsegg reveals some of the processes involved in giving the Ag...
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Lance Vincent Sep 12, 2013
Enzo + 458
Lance Vincent Sep 12, 2013
The EGOIST must be $4m than this Veneno.
Lance Vincent Sep 12, 2013
I Think the airbag is made up of Plastic.
Marlo Viray Jueco Jan 30, 2013
This guy is a true pioneer in the HyperCar genre. Spares no expense, and the amount of thought, ingenuity, engineering and time to make every thing absolutely perfect boggles my mind. All other HyperCar factories take note. This is how it's done. Bravo koenigsegg.
Jordan Nutt Jan 30, 2013
Awesome car, this car is flat out incredible, wish I had one.
Description: The steering wheel is made out of a single piece of carbon fiber which, along with things like the spring-steel mechanism that sits behind the buttons, and the wheel-mounted paddle shifters, are desig...
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Lance Vincent Oct 17, 2013
careful in clicking paddles
Stefan Shand Jan 31, 2013
I love this car
Bill Estep Jr Jan 31, 2013
That guy is a freakin genius :)
Ryan Morrow Jan 30, 2013
I'm in love with this car. So much thought into ever component
Michael Andary Jan 30, 2013
This car is absolutely perfect
Carlton Salmon Jan 30, 2013
Wow, great car! Love it more and more, especially as its possible to have it in right-hand drive like the green Agera in the video.
Dave Rain Jan 30, 2013
Only car I'd want equal to a Ferrari
Tin Nguyen Jan 30, 2013
Everytime I see this car I fall deeper in love with it.
Oleg Odessit Jan 30, 2013
Great car bz choice over anything
Oleg Odessit Jan 30, 2013
Does anybody else feel sorry for the guy who was stitching that steering wheel?
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 30, 2013
Kick ass
Richard Nichols Jan 31, 2013
From Sweden? I think you might mean Switzerland.
Jorge Gonzalez Jan 31, 2013
Yea, you obviously forgot Swiss watches and cheese. Lmao.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 31, 2013
This is my favorite Agera, this white one with blue & red stripes.
Kyle McCullough Jan 31, 2013
Someone needs to relax a bit. It was obviously a joke
Richard Nichols Jan 31, 2013
Mate do you not understand humor!
Daniel Anglevik Jan 31, 2013
Re Nichols... So this is only one of two things that is great coming from sweden???? Are you out of your mind??? You wanna talk economy/industry/welfare/nature/musicexports/and so on..little boy? Look up Sweden on wikipedia before neg it. Asshole.
Jacob Burford Jan 30, 2013
Go Sweden! This is gorgeous!
Michael Andary Jan 30, 2013
Love this car
Omar Hash Jan 30, 2013
This car is perfect 100% through and through. So much attention went into every single detail. Bravo Sweden! I'm also a big fan and proud user of Swedish music software Propellerheads Reason. Now I just wish that I have a Swedish blonde.
Richard Nichols Jan 30, 2013
@ Adam, how you feel now is how I feel when I look at a Mclaren P1, makes me proud to be british. This is the one of two great things to come from Sweden. The other, Ikea!
Adam Thomson Jan 30, 2013
Im absolutely proud being swedish
Daniel Anglevik Jan 30, 2013
Love to see att giant test between these hypercars. I think this will win overall.
Matt Piccolo Jan 30, 2013
Nathan Alexander Orlando Kelly Jan 30, 2013
This is my all time favorite million $$ car. Beautiful inside and out
Rodrigo Allen Jan 30, 2013
Dat ass!
Jacob Burford Jan 30, 2013
The rear is also amazing!