Comments - BMW M135i vs Subaru WRX STI

Published: Jan 03, 2013
Description: Though it'd easy to lump all hot hatches into the same category, in reality there's a wide variety between them. The BMW M135i and Subaru Impreza WRX STI, for example, may seem about as far ...
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Manuel T. Kingsley Jan 15, 2013
the posibilities of tht 3.0 turbo on that small car. just thnking about sofware update, kw cooil, exhaust systems, bigger turbo, new oil line. better intercooler, brake kit, ect....
Nick Sti Jan 03, 2013
STi has 305hp, 290tq
Zaire Wilkins Jan 03, 2013
I think the tq for the STI is 305
Boris Doe Jan 03, 2013
just wait for the 2 series
Leigh Martin Jan 03, 2013
They have made a sedan for 3 years. The hp and tq numbers are wrong for the sti though
Jimmy Case Jan 03, 2013
They make a STI sedan again. FWI
Sam Oglesby Jan 03, 2013
Erm 3 door and 5 door or does the Subaru not have a boot/trunk
Description: So Auto Express took them to the track to see which one's fastest. Ignore the clerical error at AE that labeled the BMW as the 1 Series M Coupe and identified its transmission as a DSG instead of...
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Jez Mcat Jul 10, 2013
For me, id buy the STI purely because of its lower maintenance costs and reliability. But if money wasn't an issue, there's no doubt I would choose the BMW (in manual) As far as driver enjoyment and pure pace goes, a non-tuned STI doesn't come close. Plus I like the look of the BMW. It's not a common look but it will stand the test of time just like many models that came before it.
Alex Long Feb 23, 2013
Man that subaru is way better looking then the bmw
Norm Strickland Jan 20, 2013
Take a closer look at the test Subaru. it is not an STI. Just a WRX. Also, that BMW just posted an 8:05 lap at the Nurburgring which is 10 seconds slower than the STI.
Antonio Falsetti Jan 19, 2013
Bmws always have electrical problems. I like the look of the sti. And the symmetrical awd system is one of the best.
Joshua Massingale Jan 06, 2013
I would take the STI any day over any BMW just because their A LOT more realizable and they dont cost a few grand to mantian, the subarus will be lastin over 200k millage and still be running strong with basic maintenese and even with mods
Connor Faltisco Jan 05, 2013
Someone tell this guy that there is a difference, a very large difference between four wheel drive and all wheel drive.
Seth Pettman Jan 04, 2013
Doesn't work...
Michael Lepinay Jan 04, 2013
@Yamaha, I have had a BMW 330xi (AWD version) and an STi. Hate to tell you, but your wrong about both cars, especially the Subaru. I built the motor and put a large turbo on, with 25 lbs of boost, and the thing never broke, even after 100k miles. Subies are rock solid reliable even after modding and high miles.
Rafael Ridwan Jan 04, 2013
Yeah hate this guy man!last time he previewed the bmw m6 cabrio(grantourer) against mercedes SL(roadster) plus the SL uses the carbon ceramic but the m6 is just standard brakes.the m6 is supposed to compete with the e class cabrio(grantourer)
Lou Guerrero Jan 04, 2013
So many half truths and straight garbage being spewed here. Damn.
Yamaha Rone Jan 04, 2013
Down other wise they are very reliable cars. The best and reliable cars are Toyota, Nissan and Honda. Btw read my other comment.
Yamaha Rone Jan 04, 2013
BMW are not reliable cars. Bimmers have a knocking sound after 70k miles most of them when it reaches a 100k miles you can hear the more sound. Subaru are good car but you can't mess with them if you start messing up with subaru they start breaking
Justin Barter Jan 04, 2013
I've driven (not owned) every model STI since 1999 - the 5 door hatch was the most disappointing imo. The latest sedan drives nicely but still lacks the thrill of some of the earlier models...having said that I bought the M135i 2 months ago; as far as pure driving pleasure and excitement goes, the new STI can't touch it. This is my opinion of course, and ill agree that I've always loved the mad st...
Khalid Omar Jan 04, 2013
After test driving the EVO and STi I went with the STi. I mean you really need to drive it before you judge....the interior was waaay better, boxer engine with a unique sound. Overall its a better car. Just my opinion though.
Jay York Jan 03, 2013
I never said theSTi was pretty, it reminds me of a bulldog, ugly but endearing! Lets face it, I wouldn't bye either one for their looks!
Jay York Jan 03, 2013
Calm down Adam, you have a very nice evo
David Guerrero Jan 03, 2013
European, SOME (not all) American cars, and Mitsubishi tend to be unreliable. Mainly talking about over 100k miles and based on experiences mine and of my family.
William Downs Jan 03, 2013
Adam u can't use your opinion to fight a fact
David Guerrero Jan 03, 2013
Actually Mitsubishi have been getting worse. Many mechanics say they're in the shop a lot, expensive to repair. While subies are very reliable. I prefer STi over most cars in the market under 50k. But that's only My opinion
Pablo Herasme Jan 03, 2013
I'll take the STi, but that BMW sounds good though.
Aaron Crisp Jan 03, 2013
The BMW looks unnatural in hatch form, STi for me. Those little things are quick, even just the WRX.
William Downs Jan 03, 2013
I'd take Subaru reliability over evos very slight power advantage
Ben Knorr Jan 03, 2013
Subaru > Mitsubishi any day of the week
Jay York Jan 03, 2013
I looked at a new Evo x & I could have gotten it for less than the STi but I just liked the Subie much more! If Mitsubishi would just hire some Italians for the body work it might be a descent looking vehicle! The styling sucks & the interior cheap!
Byakka Hirakawa Jan 03, 2013
U cant go by wat these ppl say anyways Dosnt matter where u come from, ppl r always favorable ober one car over another, had to get good true facts unless u do it urself, even then, can u be honest with urself lol
Dillon Dixon Jan 03, 2013
I would still take the STI over the BMW. One thing is the BMW is extremely ugly IMO. There is just no flow in that car at all. And the STI would be better for all seasons also.
Dylan Bruder Jan 03, 2013
M135 but like I said this guy was a bad driver too so not sure how much that means to ya
Jay York Jan 03, 2013
So who won? I can't view this in the states! I'm waiting on delivery on my 2013 STi hatch...
Brandon Bairian Jan 03, 2013
Wondering why they didn't go hatch to hatch.
Dylan Bruder Jan 03, 2013
I just watched in the us not really worth it sound quality is horrible and this dude can't drive shame it was a good comparison too
Andy Nongbu Demar Cho Jan 03, 2013
Same here. Can't be viewed in US :(
Isaac Suarez Jan 03, 2013
I cant watch the video from the US according to the message I got
Nick Sti Jan 03, 2013
STi all day! Plus you car tune them up to 380hp for just $1k (Catted down pipe, and COBB accesport)
Dustin Kennedy Jan 03, 2013
WRX is where it's at
Ryan Rainville Jan 03, 2013
Ya this video is total bs the wrx sti is faster around the nurburgring it is the fastest track car of the two I'm accounting this video result to driver prefrance
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jan 03, 2013
If the M135I is being this fast, how immensely fast is going to be the 1M? This car is killing all the hot hatches!
Chris Stig Dagher Jan 03, 2013
Thank god BMW are face lifting the f20.. This will for sure be my next car
Brian Howard Jan 03, 2013
Looks like a bug not the car
Alex Bouckley Jan 03, 2013
I like the styling more than the Impreza, but I wouldn't buy it
Paul Dickey Jan 03, 2013
John Serely Jan 03, 2013
I actually like it. It looks...different. Now just bring it stateside with xdrive as an option, and price it around 40k and NOT a limited run like the 1M (so you could actually buy one without insane markups), and it could sell well.
Dylan Bruder Jan 03, 2013
They definitely dropped the ball
Facundo Planas Martinelli Jan 03, 2013
The BMW looks so bad.... I miss the 1M Coupe!
Matt Piccolo Jan 03, 2013
The front is just terrible
Daniel Alexander Soutar Jan 03, 2013
Ugly? Hideous, rather.
Darryle Moody Jan 03, 2013
Ugly car. But a good steer.
Eric Chau Jan 04, 2013
Sound of boxer turbo wins it for me.
William Downs Jan 04, 2013
U want a fast fun and reliable car that will last u forever, get a Subaru, but if u just want a fast car that u can easily make faster u get an evo
William Downs Jan 04, 2013
David a evo handles better then the sti on tarmac, evo has a sophisticated suspension /awd system, not to different fro the gtr, today its just witch u prefer really, there both so close to each other in performance.. and I'm a huge Subaru fan, evo vs still is no different then camsro vs mustang, corvette vs viper type fueds, its personal preference and what u want
David Guerrero Jan 03, 2013
@Adam "how cares a stock STi" I don't understand. Do you mean "who cares about a stock STi"?
David Guerrero Jan 03, 2013
Plus displacement does matter, just as much as motor style. EVO is a great car, I just prefer STi a bit more, I'm simply not overly biased. I'd choose EVO over most cars, except the STi and FR-S
David Guerrero Jan 03, 2013
I never said it was faster, beside the fact that it has faster 0-30, and faster 0-100. Plus when u comes to tuning, they're both equally limitless. Boxer engines are better than inline 4 because they are flatter giving it a lower center of gravity.
William Downs Jan 03, 2013
Why u gotta be an asshole about it, I asked a simple question, it does kinda look like a 04-05 on my phone unless I really zoom in
David Guerrero Jan 03, 2013
No, you simply wrong. That's why they're deleted, jk
William Downs Jan 03, 2013
I like how your hating on Subaru's but your picture sure does look like and 04-05 wrx
David Guerrero Jan 03, 2013
*making the EVO more prone to breaking down. But that is unreliable source. P.S.... STi is better!
David Guerrero Jan 03, 2013
@Adam plus the STi had the 2.5l boxer engine, while the EVO had a 2.0 inline 4. The STi has a better sound due to the bigger engine. I have also heard that the EVO's smaller engine has more pressure put on by the turbo compared to the STi, mak
David Guerrero Jan 03, 2013
Actually Adam. The '06 STi produced 300hp, while the '06 evo IX MR only had 286hp. In torque, evo had 289, while STi had 300.
Sarah Frydrych Jan 03, 2013
Sarah Frydrych Jan 03, 2013
Yer like been said he's being scene and hating on the evils biggest rival just personnel preference on what's better tbh
Ben Knorr Jan 03, 2013
Jack - he drives an evo. nuff said.
Jack Howard Jan 03, 2013
Adam... What the hell are you talking about?
Dillon Dixon Jan 03, 2013
This looks great but the 5 door just looks fantastic. They really did a great job on it.
John Serely Jan 03, 2013
I prefer the hatch
Ben Knorr Jan 03, 2013
I used to own an '06 sti and prefer its styling to the new ones. I really miss that car. It was a true drivers car, very quick, just a bit too rough riding to be a family car tho.
Dylan Bruder Jan 03, 2013
I'd love like an 06
Kyle McCullough Jan 03, 2013
Yeah, the wagon is better
Nick Sti Jan 03, 2013
5 door STi looks much better IMO
Daniel Alexander Soutar Jan 03, 2013
Not a pretty car though. Although you're right, a good steer is what most think of it.
Dustin Kennedy Jan 03, 2013
I just like the WRX it's just sick