Comments - McLaren P1 Sold Out?

Published: Jan 29, 2013
Description: Having revealed the P1 concept at the Paris Motor Show and pimped it out at private unveilings to its elite clientele in Beverly Hills and New York, we have still to learn the full specs of McLaren&ap...
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Elijah Whitmore Feb 02, 2013
Looks like now they're just trying too hard.
Cody Gillard Jan 30, 2013
I didn't quite like this car when I first saw it but I have grown to it immensely
Richard Nichols Jan 30, 2013
I can't get enough of this!
Lead Peddalin Jan 30, 2013
I don't like this at all. That said, I'm sure it would turn every head as it drove by.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 30, 2013
I just love how they shaped their headlights from their logo
Jacob Burford Jan 29, 2013
I think this looks amazing! It can also be the best overall performance car in the world if McLaren wants it to be! They easily have the capability!
Ben August Jan 29, 2013
@Jack: they should add a "Like" to this program. You hit it dead on. It's a beautiful thing, figuring out not only HOW to build a 900hp monster, but then to also master the EFFICIENCY of it. Good thought!
Johnny Matias Jan 29, 2013
Proportions look really weird. Almost looks like a pickup truck from these angles but I still like. And car enthusiasts are some of the only people on earth who can appreciate both function and form. It's a very difficult thing to do.
Janak Solanki Jan 29, 2013
This is a great car, but not as mind blowing as when the McClaren F1 came out.
Matt Piccolo Jan 29, 2013
I'm unsure. I don't think I like it, but I'd have to see it in person to decide
Lucas Raggio Jan 29, 2013
Looks so good
Ben August Jan 29, 2013
@Jack: sometimes function IS form, especially when you recognize WHY they make certain choices...then the function really is beauty. Just a thought.
Ben August Jan 29, 2013
I love this car.
Daniel Carvalho Jan 29, 2013
It's kinda wierdly short from this angle, but the P1 has a very good design.
Barry Boo Wilson Jan 29, 2013
Function > form but personally I still like the looks.
Joel Pascual Jan 29, 2013
Not the best looking car. This design is more function than looks, but that's why I like it.
Luke Purdy Jan 29, 2013
Malachi is the only person who I've seen say something negative about the p1 design
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jan 29, 2013
I really like this
Dylan Knapp Jan 29, 2013
Amazing, just wow, proportions look so right
Malachi Monteiro Jan 29, 2013
Hideous, just no, proportions look so wrong.
Description: As according to Cars UK, McLaren has already sold out its initial run of cars and will close order books on the P1 by mid-February. So those with a million-dollar-plus budget for a supercar that spent...
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Jackson Michael Jan 30, 2013
He really didn't lol
Facundo Planas Martinelli Jan 30, 2013
I admit it is an awesome car, but it does not have the style, the blood, the "art" of italian designs... I still preffer Ferrari, Pagani, Alfa, etc...
David Lee Jan 30, 2013
Jack, you're a douchebag... Anyways, the car reminds me of all of Toyota's concept cars placed in a blender with a McLaren F1. It's so futuristic and beautiful.
Janak Solanki Jan 29, 2013
Very strange front fascia.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 29, 2013
Jack, no, this is a beautiful thing, but the 458 will always be better looking IMO
Tracy Keiser Dron Jan 29, 2013
Simple, yet beauyiful
Janya Pulusu Jan 29, 2013
Number one is agera r
Josh May Jan 29, 2013
@Jack What's the best in your opinion?
Austin Bride Jan 29, 2013
Love that wing man
Kris C. Lopez Feb 03, 2013
That intrinsic rear splitter has Formula 1 written all over it
Mark Snelling Jan 31, 2013
Damn, damn, damn. Missed out. I'll just have to wait for the next one. And to everyone, I can tell you this. When you see one of these in the flesh you'll soon forget about your pathetic little Ferrari 458 shopping trolley/hairdressers car.
Cody Gillard Jan 30, 2013
Mother of god (pulls off glasses)
Jason Brower Jan 30, 2013
God, those rear tires are massive.
Peter Skorokhodov Jan 30, 2013
look like whips
Philippe Miot Jan 29, 2013
Really hope they keep them rear brake lights....look awesome
Janak Solanki Jan 29, 2013
Is that a spoiler raised in victory?