Comments - Matt Farah Drives a Corvette Stock Car

Published: Jan 29, 2013
Description: This is what the possibly loudest Corvette in the world sounds like. It's such a fabulous noise of raw power coming from that small block V8 and the Drive channel's Matt Farah is lucky enoug...
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Jason Brower Jan 30, 2013
Gary, all of the running gear is corvette, and the suspension and steering geometry is all based on the vette as well.
Gary Lindsey Jan 30, 2013
How is this a corvette? B/c they bolted in C6 panels? Thats like saying that Toyota stock car is really a Camry...seriously?
Aaron Cordroch Jan 29, 2013
Indie is an amazing track
David Lee Jan 30, 2013
No Dave, you are. The tires are racing slicks. This is a racing car. Make sense?
Dave Rain Jan 30, 2013
Tires are gay.
Gene Beche Jan 29, 2013
It's all about the weight
Ray Moreno Jan 29, 2013
Andreas Köhler Jan 29, 2013
Dwarfed wheels in the back?
Lou Guerrero Jan 29, 2013
Oh yeah
Colby Church Jan 29, 2013
That looks very fast. Haha
Description: The Corvette GTI was designed with three goals: to be the fastest, lightest and simplest to fix track-ready Corvette out there. It's basically a Corvette stock car and costs just $60,000. And to ...
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Ben Knorr Jan 30, 2013
that's exactly how it is. Nobody gets butt hurt when they lose, but it's the guys who win with a lesser car that get the respect. No respect will be had winning with this car.
Paul Trahan Jan 30, 2013
You were talking about open track days, meaning you drive whatever you bring. Yes, if there are rules then it is cheating and that car shouldn't be allowed to compete. An open track day you run what you have an not get butt hurt if someone has better
Ben Knorr Jan 30, 2013
@ Paul - nitrous IS cheating if your competitor doesn't have it lol. That's why they have different classes in pro drag racing.
Ben Knorr Jan 30, 2013
how would you feel annihilating a group of production cars with this? personally, I would rather lose in a fair fight than win by cheating. That's why all Motorsports are governed by rules. So the most skillful drivers are recognized.
Jason Levy Jan 30, 2013
Wow Ben got torn apart lol
Dave Rain Jan 30, 2013
Farah is such a tool. I'm not hating either, he's just not that good of a host
Paul Trahan Jan 30, 2013
That's like people who cry that nitrous is cheating. Explain to me how it is cheating. Why? Because you can't afford a decent nitrous set up and/or too chicken to run one? So you cry cheating when a nitrous car beats you. Grow up.
Paul Trahan Jan 30, 2013
Most people in Ben's world frown upon a tube chassis car is because they can't afford one, and the car pulverizes their civic si.
Paul Dickey Jan 30, 2013
How many have you lost to Ben that you're crying about it?
Brad Henson Jan 29, 2013
Tube frame chassis' are used for lots of racing cars
Ben Knorr Jan 29, 2013
It's a great idea and execution, but to bring one of these out to open track days is to be branded a cheater. Tube framed race cars are definitely frowned upon at the track I go to.
Ryan Rainville Jan 29, 2013
Colby Church Jan 29, 2013
Crazy good value. That's a badass car.
Dillon Dixon Jan 29, 2013
Talk about the ultimate Go-Kart! That's so awesome!
Ray Moreno Jan 29, 2013
Mi gusta :D
Ashton Summers Jan 29, 2013
This car should come with lessons in sign language.
Lou Guerrero Jan 29, 2013
Damn that's cheap for a fast race car
Ryan Rainville Jan 29, 2013
I want one so bad)-:
Ray Moreno Jan 29, 2013
Hmmm pay less for less and get more for what you pay for. I think I would...for sure.
Robert Young Jan 29, 2013
That's why it's only 60k. It's just a tube frame with a motor. So the are probably making 30k for every car I think
Lou Guerrero Jan 29, 2013
Legit because racecar