Posted on: Jan 29, 2013
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DAMD Builds LF-A Kit for GT86

Get the look of a supercar on the budget of a sports car.
The Toyota GT86 and Lexus LFA are both RWD and built in Japan. And if you squint really hard when looking at the GT86's profile you can you almost see the LFA's styling hidden in there. Tenuous links aside, these cars really are worlds apart. However if you have the means to buy the Boxer engine-powered Toyota, you can now give it the look of the $375,000 LFA thanks to this aftermarket package by DAMD. It's 552 horsepower 4.8-liter V10 does not form part of the aftermarket program, however.

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The so-called "LFT-86" package includes near-replicas of the supercar's bumper, side vents, and side skirts, while at the back we find a rear bumper with honeycomb vents, a diffuser and the iconic inverted-pyramid tri-tailpipes.

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by Adam Lynton
DAMD Builds LF-A Kit for GT86
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