Comments - Leno Gets Behind the Wheel of the Viper GTS

Published: Jan 28, 2013
Description: Ever since SRT revealed its new Viper at last year's New York Auto Show, gearheads across the globe were not only ecstatic but downright relieved to see the V10-powered snake thrive once again. D...
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Sivert Grande Jan 28, 2013
No it's not, they completely ruined the design. Oh well, at least it performs better, so I guess they're right...
Tyler Richey Jan 29, 2013
I just don't think yellow does this gen any justice.
Harrison Trapnell Jan 29, 2013
I dont like tgose vents.
Jacob Burford Jan 28, 2013
Love the way this looks! Muscular with nice curves!
Frederick Perez Jan 28, 2013
Green one is nice too
Description: Jay Leno recently had the chance to not only drive the 2013 Viper GTS but also to discuss the car with Ralph Gilles, CEO of SRT and VP of Design for Chrysler. The Denim Chin hits the track at Willow S...
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Roman Podrezov Jan 29, 2013
I think that Jay Leno should be the US Top Gear show host. He is funny, knows cars, and car people seem to like him.
Ben Knorr Jan 29, 2013
how can u not like this guy!? I'm a vette kinda guy BUT having a true car guy like this in charge is really a positive sign for the Viper.
Paul Dickey Jan 29, 2013
My best friends uncle is part of a viper club around me. I can't wait till they get their hands on the new ones. The older models are so much fun to drive and be driven in. And they look great
Ashton Summers Jan 28, 2013
@Neil. Dream a little bigger. Buy both.
Clay Williams Jan 28, 2013
Ralph Gilles is honestly my hero.
Sean Gillespie Jan 28, 2013
Plastic intake manifold?? Wtf! why didn't they do carbon fiber?
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 28, 2013
Laughed so hard @ 8 min mark. Leno own 50 billion cars but has 1 shirt
Dylan Bruder Jan 28, 2013
I'm a GM guy but Ralph Gilles is the man I wish there were more execs like him the new viper is great too sounds good
Lou Guerrero Jan 28, 2013
Couldn't help but smile when Ralph laid that sick burnout in the charger.
Brandon Chamberlain Jan 28, 2013
I love the viper because its a balls deep car, a car that takes skill to drive, it's sad that with the regulations that the viper has to have the driving assists, thankfully they can be turned off
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 28, 2013
I would just wait and get the new z06
William Downs Jan 28, 2013
Hahaha, didn't know that, remember my first time driving a viper, had no idea about how vicious they were... I learned very fast... it's an experience to say the least but I wouldnt wanna own a murderer, just personal opinion
Haoliang Li Jan 28, 2013
About an old supercar....
Haoliang Li Jan 28, 2013
"It's trying to kill you whenever you push to the limit." That's what Jeremy Clarkson said.
William Downs Jan 28, 2013
Can't even truthfully say that, we have no idea how the new stingray will behave, but I'm sure it won't try and kill u every time u try to push it though
Neil Puri Jan 28, 2013
If I had the money, I'd buy the new Viper over the new Corvette.
Aaron Sparks Jan 29, 2013
So how about that Viper?
No Pistons Jan 29, 2013
@julian *live
Jorge Gonzalez Jan 29, 2013
What a bunch of idiots.
Julian Pilinci Jan 28, 2013
@ Stephen and Derek, Good job to both of you, I don't think there was a better way to show who is an idiot!
Julian Pilinci Jan 28, 2013
Thanks to all of you intelligent assholes, I almost forgot that I leave in Michigan.
Marco Tomaselli Jan 28, 2013
@Ted *an idiot
Ted Clay Jan 28, 2013
@Derek you'RE and idiot
Derek Soanes Jan 28, 2013
Julian your an idiot
Dylan Bruder Jan 28, 2013
Lol good one
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 28, 2013
Maybe because Detroit is in michigan
Julian Pilinci Jan 28, 2013
Why Michigan plate?