Comments - VW Celebrates 50 Years of Formula Vee

Published: Jan 27, 2013
Description: It's been 50 years since Volkswagen first launched its Formula Vee race cars at Daytona and it celebrated the occasion by having a parade of classic FV and Formula Super Vee cars hit the pavement...
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Will Will Jan 28, 2013
Lucas Raggio Jan 29, 2013
Those look like fun
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 27, 2013
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 27, 2013
Looks cook
Owen Tiernan Jan 27, 2013
A banana I want to drive!
Bobaloo Anderson Jan 27, 2013
Looks like a banana
Description: Some ex-FV drivers who were back to mark the special occasion included Indy 500 winner Arie Luyendyk, who drove the first Formula Vee car, as well as two-time Daytona winner Elliot Forbes-Robinson and...
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Aaron Sparks Jan 27, 2013
A guy I know has a dune buggy that's basically a stripped down classic beetle. No engine mods at all and it has probably only 40-50 HP but it can fly with so little weight. Bet these are even faster ;)
Description: In 1971 the Formula Super Vee series got underway where a 1.6-liter VW engine with 120 hp (later 200 hp) was used. The first-ever SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) Formula Vee race was held in August,...
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No Pistons Jan 27, 2013
This car isnt class legal. This one is use for autocross
Mike Renaut Jan 27, 2013
Exhaust looks vulnerable, probably cause some tyre and bodywork damage to the car behind too.
Frederick Perez Jan 28, 2013
David Lee Jan 27, 2013
Makes me think of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR on a Mercedes-Benz transport van. Awesome!
Lou Guerrero Jan 28, 2013
Finally some real tires haha
Adam Thomson Jan 28, 2013
Looks like its fun!
Mohamed Alameedi Jan 28, 2013
Nick Schnee Jan 27, 2013
Looks... safe.