Comments - This Mazda6 Diesel Racer Has 400 HP

Published: Jan 27, 2013
Description: Mazda is serious about its all-new engine technology, called SkyActiv. While US buyers of the also new Mazda6 will only have the gasoline SkyActiv 2.5-liter I4 at their disposal, other global markets ...
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Nick Dingoz Maddox Apr 16, 2013
Spoke too soon
Nick Dingoz Maddox Apr 16, 2013
Pretty sweet. Why is there no Facebook sharing feat on this???
Oleg Odessit Jan 28, 2013
Oleg Odessit Jan 28, 2013
By noise it makes, maybe so. But its already loosing to electric and diesel in a very quick paise
James Salaba Jan 28, 2013
Sorry guys but diesel is for economy and big mileage that is why I don't see the point in Motorsport and please don't give me the audi crap cos le mans is about long distance and Probably the only race that I would agree! Can you imagine f1 or wrc or dtm or drifting in diesel? Just the sound of petrol engine is something that diesel will never beat! But anyway that is just my opinion so do not ta...
A.J. Brady Jan 28, 2013
For a second, I thought that Sam was using car buzz spell checker and auto correct.
Sam Harris Jan 27, 2013
Sam Harris Jan 27, 2013
James is leaving in the dark ages lol.
Aislin Cooper Jan 27, 2013
What Nick said
James Salaba Jan 27, 2013
Probably but don't see the point! Nothing can beat petrol ever!!!
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jan 27, 2013
I know this is not the first diesel powered race car but it is lNew technology and it will be perfected
Jake Judges Jan 27, 2013
Yeah but the diesal racers were having engine problems very early in the race
Jack Howard Jan 27, 2013
What he said⬇
Tim Spencer Jan 27, 2013
Mazda announced at the LA autoshow that the diesel would come to US shores.
Malachi Monteiro Jan 27, 2013
Saw this race at the 24 hours of Daytona, were completely outclass, they did look rather nice though.
Description: Now, this power output obviously won't be available to the public anytime soon, if ever (the production diesel will have around a 165 hp and 350 lb-ft output). But for now, Mazda is clearly quite...
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Jason Brown Jan 30, 2013
Just read the C&D about this. Amazing engine tech. The racer engine uses 63% of the production car engine. There will be so many after markets being able to tune it cheaply to its full potential power when this comes out.
Ashton Summers Jan 27, 2013
Even if we don't get the 400hp, that torque is perfect for the type of driving that will be done in this car.
Lizmary Mendoza Jan 27, 2013
@No Pistons!! sup baby I missed You!!! I love reading your post. Only one who truly Knows what he's talking about.
No Pistons Jan 27, 2013
Engines haven't been dropped, the rx8 is just no longer legal in grand am
Lucas Hill Jan 27, 2013
Nice torque
Nik Paye Oct 31, 2013
My dad has one, it has such a nice drive
William Downs Jan 27, 2013
Fwd, or if they do a speed 6 again probably awd again also
Kevin Carlin Jan 27, 2013
Is this FWD or RWD?
Sam Hansen Jan 27, 2013
If only they could make a 400+hp, AWD version of this...
Derek Patten Jan 27, 2013
I want this car. It's so sexy.
Rohil Chauhan Jan 27, 2013
The Mazda6 is such a great car. It has always been underrated IMO.
Tracy Keiser Dron Jan 29, 2013
Hyundai sonata back end...
Samuel Reid Jan 27, 2013
Remove this chromed mono-eyebrow of the back, please !!