Comments - Tank Crosses Russian Highway

Published: Jan 27, 2013
Description: Imagine this: you're driving in Russia on a snow-covered highway. The roads are clear and the sun is out. So you think to yourself, "What could possibly go wrong? Today won't be anythin...
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Jethro Mayham Feb 02, 2013
Will those diet bag jets still fly? LMAO And for the tank, it wasn't going to stop for anything because the driver wanted to see what happens if a car slams into his tank.
Description: No one appeared to get hurt due to the tank's sudden appearance. Then again, it didn't look like it was about to stop for anyone even if they were in the way.
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Alfredo Diaz Jan 30, 2013
Alfredo Diaz Jan 30, 2013
Its like the dukes of jazard russia style
Dolen Rutledge Jan 29, 2013
Meanwhile in russia
Janak Solanki Jan 28, 2013
Da faq?
Alex Long Jan 27, 2013
Seriously :/
Ashton Summers Jan 27, 2013
Lol @ Oscar's comment.
Jackson Michael Jan 27, 2013
Dashboard cams should be mandatory for all Russians
尤品敦 Jan 27, 2013
I think this is slow way
Angelo Baclay Jan 27, 2013
Its not a bird its not a plane its a fucking tank!!
John Atnip Jan 27, 2013
I guess that means when you're speeding in Russia, they'll make you stop. One way or another haha.
Jacob Viiper McCord Jan 27, 2013
lololol that was awesome
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jan 27, 2013
A wild RUSSIAN TANK appears! What will you do?! FIGHT RUN POKEMON ITEM
Byakka Hirakawa Jan 27, 2013
Where was the tank crossing sign I missed it, i probly wouldve gotten crushed
Tho MA Jan 27, 2013
Those russians need to lay off the vodka
Rithhin Jawahar Jan 27, 2013
It's probably like a cow crossing the road I think in Russia!! So random Hahaa
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 27, 2013
????? Um why.... Ah f*%k it
Jo Mez Jan 27, 2013
I love it. Only in Russia.
Nick Schnee Jan 27, 2013
I saw the exactly same thing happening in Denmark...
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Jan 27, 2013
Lol mad Russians!! Probably a joy-riding stoned teen??
Oscar Galvan Jan 27, 2013
Ughhh there goes jvankovic agian.
Kai Andrew Carlson Jan 27, 2013
Lol, that was random.
Anwaar Sopjani Jan 27, 2013
Typical Russian commute to work
Lucas Raggio Jan 29, 2013
Your all wrong it's a slice of cheese cake
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 28, 2013
It's a kv-1 from world of tanks
Ryan Faber Jan 28, 2013
lol @ Curtis
Raymond Reynoso Jan 28, 2013
That's definitely a KV1.
Curtis Clayton Jan 28, 2013
This is a Lamborghini Reventon trust me I'm a doctor
Jon Dustin House Jan 27, 2013
Jesse Jalapeno Jan 27, 2013
Pretty sure this is fake
Louie Cucolo Jan 27, 2013
Its a Kv-1 from world of tanks
Stas Allen Jan 27, 2013
No way it's a T-34. I would know, my great grandpa drove one in WWII.
Chaz Gill Jan 27, 2013
This is a KV-1. I know for a fact. Not a t-34.
Dave Rain Jan 27, 2013
Dave Rain Jan 27, 2013
It's a video game tank. Look at the crappy snow textures by the threads
Jackson Michael Jan 27, 2013
Ya this is a T-34. Why it's here, I'm not really sure
Haoliang Li Jan 27, 2013
They changed the picture.
John Atnip Jan 27, 2013
This is a Tiger the video was of a T-80 (at least that's what it looked like).
Louie Cucolo Jan 27, 2013
Kv1 probably
Nicholi Clore Jan 27, 2013
Looks like a video game tank
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jan 27, 2013
Lol deffinetley not a tiger
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 27, 2013
Tiger.... Where?
Haoliang Li Jan 27, 2013
Wow, a Tiger.