Comments - Subaru BRZ Gazoo RA: For Japan Only

Published: Jan 27, 2013
Description: It's no secret that Subaru will at some point in the near future launch a more powerful version of its highly acclaimed BRZ rear-wheel-drive sports coupe in the US, Japan and other global markets...
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Callum Russell Jan 29, 2013
Read the article before complaining about the wheels, lazy fuckers
Austin Whitener Jan 28, 2013
It may be wierd but I like the steel wheels
Jonathan Romero Jan 28, 2013
We're the hub caps at? Lol
Jim Ricard Jan 28, 2013
How about a brz shooting brake?
Jonathan Tjandra Jan 28, 2013
Those rims are ugly
Tyler Richey Jan 28, 2013
Apparently you need go back to first grade as well. *Number.
Ryan Winburn Jan 27, 2013
You guys are comparing USA price to Japanese price. There base price is more than ours. We got lucky. Look at Australia's base then convert it to American money it's like 32K for the same car we get
Matt Piccolo Jan 27, 2013
I'll take mine stock, please and thank you.
Jörgen Nilsson Jan 27, 2013
Justin: so you are saying 31 is a bigger nummer than 25, by 7? Go back to first grade, without passing Go...
Arick Voigt Jan 27, 2013
@Justin: Yes, I'm sure your brake cooling would be just as efficient, tested and nice looking as what Subaru would do.
Justin Routh Jan 27, 2013
Even if people are gonna change them, for a higher price they should atleast throw on the stock rims
Cody Gillard Jan 27, 2013
I think it looks great
Justin Tucker Jan 27, 2013
@David, you sound stupid as hell. The price of this car is 31k, the base model is 25k so you say, your saving around 7k if you buy the base model and do the same stuff this car has. Plus making room for brake cooling isn't hard at all
David Guerrero Jan 27, 2013
That is what the article says
David Lee Jan 27, 2013
I swear, the people who are questioning the steel wheels are fucking idiots.
David Guerrero Jan 27, 2013
So you're saying you can do all this for 9k less? Only spend $22,100, including radio removal, race seats, and roll cage? Especially because the car's base price is 25k?
Justin Tucker Jan 27, 2013
I'm sorry but just buy the base model, cage it, swap rims, take whatever you want out of it, add whatever you want, boom you have a track car for tuning for about 9k less...this is pointless.
No Pistons Jan 27, 2013
Yup VV
Christopher Delp Jan 27, 2013
I guess no one on here replaces there factory wheels for lighter, wider, and performance oriented wheel/tire combo for racing and wish that the vehicle came from the factory with the cheapest possible setup just to get it out the door.
David Guerrero Jan 27, 2013
This whole car is meant for tuning. Why put alloys on it if they're supposed to be changed?
Dave Rain Jan 27, 2013
Really? Steelies? Effin Japanese people are weird
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jan 27, 2013
The wheel move was smart
Max Dell Jan 27, 2013
For the price, a good set wheels should be included!
Jordan Smith Jan 27, 2013
It says in the article, they assume the buyers will put their own wheel and rim combo themselves.
Colby Church Jan 27, 2013
What's up with the ugly ass spare tire looking wheels?
Description: Although it's for the Japanese market only, the newly revealed street-legal BRZ RA Racing is the first in-house developed performance street legal version of the car and it may just provide us wi...
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Ben August Jan 27, 2013
Wow!! Removable hooks! I don't know about you guys, but removable hooks is always the third thing I do, after I make dedicated ducts for breaking, and install oil coolers. I mean, that is truly amazing!!
Description: As you can tell by these official photos, wheel design was not much of a concern as it appears to come with stock tires and steel wheels. The assumption is that owners will equip it with their own whe...
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Justin Johnson Jan 28, 2013
Adrian, in the US, I'd spent the extra five - six grand and buy a 3 series. That is how I know it. You are overpaying for your vehicles.
David Hicks Jan 28, 2013
What Adrian said.
Justin Johnson Jan 27, 2013
I'm all for performance models, but at the price, at a little more I'd buy a base 3-series and call it a day.
Dave Rain Jan 27, 2013
And into much faster competition territory.
Dave Rain Jan 27, 2013
No, the real reason they didn't add a $2-3k wheel package, is because do a total vehicle cost of $33-36 k, you are getting out of the people's price range who will buy this car
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jan 27, 2013
Shit through some Rp-f1s and call it a day 18x9s 2,000 bucks shipped
Nick Sti Jan 27, 2013
In Japan, RAYS and Volk wheels are much much more affordable. They're quality forged wheels, and we have to pay 2-4 times as much in the US :(
Justin Johnson Jan 27, 2013
You can get a lot of really really good forged wheel combos with tires for $3500. $8500 is a little steep
Drew Humphrey Jan 27, 2013
After nice rims you're at $40k
Cody Gillard Jan 27, 2013
Apparently noone reads the articles...
David Guerrero Jan 27, 2013
They put those wheels so you can change them yourself.
Wyatt Gordon Jan 27, 2013
Yeah Takata!
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jan 27, 2013
Takata Harnesses FTW
Kevin Montoya Jan 28, 2013
Don't forget about the color white..... That makes seven.
Matthew Crighton Jan 28, 2013
Six days in a week?... Bravo. U just failed kindergarden.
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 27, 2013
(Don't ruin it)
Stephen Tyler Learn Jan 27, 2013
@jay there's seven days in a week
Jay York Jan 27, 2013
One for each day of the week!
Tho MA Jan 27, 2013
I wish people would actually READ the articles before posting a comment instead of just looking at the pretty pictures and saying something stupid
David Guerrero Jan 27, 2013
Black one for me
Wyatt Gordon Jan 27, 2013
Looks good in silver
David Guerrero Jan 27, 2013
@John did you even read the article? Subaru put stock steel wheels you can put any combination of wheels and tires.
John Patten Jan 27, 2013
Hate the rims..
Bader Al Ajeel Jan 27, 2013
Give me galaxy blue silicia
Manuel Pulgarin Jan 27, 2013
Steelies , steelies everywhere