Comments - Unique of the Week: 1958 Deutsch-Bonnet HBR 5

Published: Jan 26, 2013
Description: Ask someone to name a French automaker and their reply will almost certainly be Peugeot and Citroen. However, there have been several others over the years. A case in point being Bugatti, a French com...
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Thibault Leroy Jan 27, 2013
That was the name of one of the guys who founded the company
Quinn Beaupré Jan 26, 2013
Ironic how a French car maker names their company "deutsch" which means german in german
Ashton Summers Jan 26, 2013
Oh yeah, I should clarify. Inbred DB7.
Ashton Summers Jan 26, 2013
It's like an inbred Aston Martin.
Dylan Bruder Jan 26, 2013
It looks so sad
Description: After the war it expanded operations to include small street legal sports cars. One of its later and most successful models was the HBR 5, which was built from 1954 until 1959. With its fiberglass bod...
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Kyle McCullough Jan 26, 2013
Flat 2? They couldn't find anything better without adding a lot of weight?
Description: But in 1960 and 1961 the company built an additional 10 cars. Called the "HBR 5 Super Rallye," these cars were basically a competition version of the base car lowered by roughly six inches. ...
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Jason Levy Jan 27, 2013
This is just a horrible looking thing
Nick Schnee Jan 26, 2013
Reminds me of 911...
Thomas Lepage Jan 26, 2013
Strange how something that has similar lines as one of the most beautiful cars the Aston Martin DB5 can look so hideous
Adam Thomson Jan 26, 2013
It looks like the Volkswagen Beetle a bit!
Description: The end for the HBR 5 came when the automaker was split up after a disagreement between its founders: Deutsch wanted to stick with Panhard engines while Bonnet favored Renault engines. The two also re...
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Mike Renaut Jan 26, 2013
So it DOES have an engine, just not one that's fitted in the car.
Description: The seller claims that it can easily be brought back to life and commissioned once again as a vintage racer. The engine currently has 12,345 miles on it, which is really nothing considering its age. A...
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Adam Thomson Jan 29, 2013
The steering wheel looks like it was made with twigs!
Tyler Ray DeFord Jan 27, 2013
Why does it have 2 shifters?
Jason Levy Jan 27, 2013
Maybe a sat nav or a suede steering wheel. But honestly i would settle for a window that closes
Logan Delony Jan 27, 2013
It's a 50's racecar! What could you possibly expect?
Jason Levy Jan 27, 2013
This is the type of shit nightmares are made of
Jason Levy Jan 27, 2013
Ashton Summers Jan 26, 2013
Think of the weight savings with that boat anchor gone.
Thomas Lepage Jan 26, 2013
Still waiting on the results of the 0-60
Trey Villarreal Jan 26, 2013
Engines are overrated anyway.
Lee Gardner Jan 26, 2013
Have you tried turning it off and back on?